Sakura Gakuin Graduation 2015: "2500 people blessed with tears"

Sanspo wrote a report about the Sakura Gakuin Graduation 2015 "The Road To Graduation 2015 Final" where Rinon Isono, Ooga Saki and Shirai Saki graduated from 2015 Nendo. In the following post report translated and album of photos. 


Sanspo report on Sakura Gakuin "The Road To Graduation 2015 Final"

The Limited growth period Idol unit Sakura Gakuin performed on March 27 in Yokohama at the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall in Kanagawa City finishing the schooling year of the Middle School Third Graders Rinon Isono (15 years old), Ooga Saki (15 years old ) and Shirai Saki (15 years old), who graduated from the group. 


On stage, they featured songs from the recently released new Album "Sakura Gakuin 2015, Kirameki No Kakera" where the third graders sang the graduation song "Michishirube" in a total of 18 songs showed off. The sold out graduation ceremony was filled with about 2.500 people at the packed venue. Rinon Isono read the message holding her tears, she said: "I realized that I have the dream to become in the future a stage director". 


Shirai Saki in tears said: "Sakura Gakuin is immortal forever!". The performance was carred out by Live Viewing in Theaters worldwide in 16 difference locations, collecting about 1000 fans each. 


The 2010 graduates from the same group, Ayaka Miyoshi (19 years old), Airi Matsui (19 years old) and the metal trio BABYMETAL attended to the ceremony. 



01-Mezase! Super LAdy 2015

02-Makeruna! Seishun Hizakozou

03-Hello! IVY


05-Kirameki No Kakera

06-Science Girl, Silence Boy (Logica?)

07-Suiminbusoku (Sleepiece)

08-Piece De Check! (Koubaibu)

09-Jakapara Goo Goo Omuraisue (Mini Patissier)

10-Sleep Wonder

11-Heart No Hoshi


13-Mikansei Silhouette

14-My Graduation Toss

15-Kimi Ni Todoke

16-Yakusoku No Mirai


17-Tabidachi No Hi Ni

18-Yume Ni Mukatte



Report by: Sanspo

Setlist and Photos by: Natalie

Translation by: Maik Gianino


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