BABYMETAL "The Final Chapter Of Trilogy" Interview on WOWOW

An interview with BABYMETAL was part of the WOWOW's Broadcast of the BABYMETAL Special on WOWOW which started with "LEGEND 2015" at Saitama Super Arena followed by "Kyoudai Tenkaichi Metaru Budokai" at Makuhari Messe and the premier of "The Final Chapter Of Trilogy" at Yokohama Arena. Watch the full interview with English Subtitles below. 


BABYMETAL Special Interview on WOWOW

BABYMETAL received a great feature on WOWOW on March 26 with a broadcasts special including their performance at Saitama Super Arena on January 10, 2015 "Legend 2015, New Years Fox Festival", the performance at Makuhari Messe on June 21, 2015 "Kyodai Tenkaichi Metaru Budokai" and the premier of their performance at Yokohama Arena on December 13, 2015 "The Final Chapter Of Trilogy". 


The girls were asked about many different topics as follows: 

Budokan 2 years back and "BABYMETAL" debut album release, "In these 2 years we were allowed to have precious experiences" said Yuimetal. The girls also mentioned their impressions about "Metal Resistance" to be released on April 1.. "BABYMETAL creates its songs bit by bit throughout the recording process and this time in particular was really intense" says Su-Metal. Moametal also said: "When I really think about it many of the songs that made it into this album were already being put together from about 3 years ago." 


Simultaneous worldwide release of "Metal Resistance".

"When I heard that this album would be released simultaneously all around the world it really made me happy to know that not only the fans in Japan but indeed fans all over the world will be able to listen to it at the same time." Said Su-Metal


The girls also mentioned the experience at Yokohama Arena.

Yuimetal: "Traveling around many countries and meeting many different people and as I get the feeling that BABYMETAL is getting bigger and bigger in scale I feel that our responsability kind of grows along with this and when I realize this I feel that as we do more and more concerts that us along with the staff and the band grow ever closer as a team under the name of BABYMETAL." 


They also speak about their future plans and more! Watch the full 7 minutes intervie with the girls below!

Translation and subtitles made by: Thomas Malone