BABYMETAL "Metal Resistance Exhibition" & "BABYMETAL Week" details

To celebrate the release of the new BABYMETAL Album "Metal Resistance" on FOX DAY (April 1) BABYMETAL will held two events at Tower Records, first "Metal Resistance Exhibition" at Tower Records Shibuya 8th Floor "Space Hachikai" and "BABYMETAL Week" at Tower Records Shinjuku! Check more details below. 


BABYMETAL celebrations for "Metal Resistance" at Tower Records Shibuya & Shinjuku

BABYMETAL decided to celebrate the simultaneous release worldwide of their second studio album "Metal Resistance" on April 1 (FOX DAY) with a special exhibition called "Metal Resistance Exhibition" at Tower Records Shibuya from March 29 to April 10. In addition will be held the "BABYMETAL WEEK" at Tower Records Shinjuku from March 29 to April 3 where visitors will be able to win a exclusive Prize for ONLY ONE fan, the only person in the world able to get this item. Also will be available a BABYMETAL,"Metal Resistance" special paper bag for customers!



Period: From March 29 to April 10

Times: From 10:00 to 23:00 Japanese Time (Last admission 22:30)

Entrance fee: 500Yen (Tax Included)

Gear VR Video Experience: 500Yen (Tax Included)

Collaboration Drink: 1 Cup + Badge Benefit 500Yen (Tax Included)



Costumes Tour and Tour T-shirts Exhibition 

History - extra large photo

BABYMETAL 360-degree Gear VR Experience 

Collabration drinks and more. 




BABYMETAL WEEK Special Lottery Privilege:

At Tower Records Shinjuku will be available the "BABYMETAL Lottery Sticker" which will help to select the winner of the grand prize, ONLY ONE in World will get the gift! The BABYMETAL Trucker's American Vest! The Trucker's Vest will be exhibited on April 3 at Shinjuku. The winner will be decided on April 4. 



Items available for exhibition and lottery at Shinjuku:

BABYMETAL WEEK Lottery Sticker at Shinjuku

Metal Resistance Paper Bag

Red BABYMETAL Friction Pen

Trucker American Vest (Grand Prize)



Perdiod: From March 29 to April 3


*It's planned to be held another events on each Tower Records Store.

Fore more details please visit Toys Factory and BABYMETAL Official Website


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