Tatsuo and Mish-Mosh confirmed participations on "Metal Resistance"

More artists announced works in the new BABYMETAL album "Metal Resistance" to be released on April 1st. A few days ago Takeshi Ueda and former Kami Band member LEDA announced their participations (Read here), but also Tatsuo who also worked for BABYMETAL in the debut album and Mish-Mosh announced participations on "Metal Resistance". Details below. 


More information about artists working for BABYMETAL's "Metal Resistance" 

Tatsuo and Mish-Mosh joined the list of great artists working for the new BABYMETAL album, "Metal Resistance" to be released on FOX DAY, April 1. Days ago former Kami Band member LEDA announced his participation in 3 songs, while Takeshi Ueda who created "Gimme Chocolate" announced his participation on "Awadama Fever" (Read here). 


Tatsuo who did the arragenments for "Megitsune", recorded guitar and bass for "Onedari Daisakusen", and "Yon No Uta", announced his participation in 3 of the songs of the new BABYMETAL Album. Tatsuo recorded "Meta! Taro", "Tales Of The Destinies" and "THE ONE". He recorded drums, bass and guitar but also did the arragenments for the three songs! 


Meanwhile Mish-Mosh announced his participation on "Road Of Resistance" as composer, "Tales Of The Destinies" and "THE ONE", as composer in the three song and arragenments on "Tales Of The Destinies" and "THE ONE"


Tweets with the details. 


2016年4月1日 世界同時発売されるBABYMETALのNEW ALBUM、『METAL RESISTANCE』に収録されている楽曲12曲中、3曲の楽曲制作を担当させていただきました!M1. 『Road of Resistance...

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