Rock Sound track by track guide of BABYMETAL's "Metal Resistance"!

Rock Sound wrote a very interesting review, a track by track guide of the upcoming BABYMETAL's new Album "Metal Resistance" just a few days before the release to increase your anxiety! This track by track guide explains a little more what to expect from the new Album. Note: Road Of Resistance and Karate were removed since we already know the songs. Read below! 


Metal Resistance reviewed by Rock Sound Magazine

Here we go.

BABYMETAL's new effort 'METAL RESISTANCE' is out on Fox Day (April 01), so we figured we'd give you a track-by-track guide to the album so you know what's coming. 



An electronic, almost drum & bass-style intro descends into a murky industrial riff, breakneck drumming and - you guessed it - another monster of a chorus here. There's a particularly interesting breakdown halfway through where Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal perform some impressive vocal gymnastics, so look out for that.


4. 'YAVA!'

Clean guitars (yep, really) and punky, almost staccato verses ramp up into driving metal here and yet again provide an interesting twist on the BABYMETAL formula.


5. 'AMORE'

This is a refreshing change from galloping metal and furious guitars... for the first 30 seconds. After that, the song ramps up into yet more galloping metal and furious guitars, making 'Amore' perhaps the song that sounds most like the BABYMETAL of old, but still shows off their improved vocals.



A regal, chanted opening of "Meta Taro", plods along with purpose but not much of the breakneck speed that we’ve been accustomed to so far, meaning this song almost sounds like an album opener. It certainly serves as a great gateway to the second half of the album.



If the previous song lacked speed, 'From Dusk Till Dawn' more than makes up for it. There are soft, considered keys before the girls open up with long, piercing screams atop a background of 'Woahs', giving the whole song an epic, film soundtrack-worthy feel.


8. 'GJ!'

Metalcore guitars and electronics start this one off, before a chanted verse and an ear-infesting breakdown elevate the song further right into a pounding, fist-pumping chorus. This is a three-minute blast of what BABYMETAL are all about.


9. 'SIS. ANGER.'

This one goes hard. Hyprspeed drums and guitars are offset by sugary-sweet, soaring vocals and slowed down into a chorus that’s made for stadiums and blasts of fire. There’s a sweet guitar solo in 'Sis. Anger', too.



This is a piano-led ballad with strings and all. Feeling a little tired by BABYMETAL’s bracing aural assault? This five minutes ought to give you a breather.



One minute 'Tales Of The Destinies' is ferocious, the next completely serene as the girls’ vocals soar some more. Then before you know it, it’s back to the some punchy guitar and synth before another speedy, lofty chorus. And it ends with restrained, beautiful piano. Clocking in at nearly five and a half minutes long, it's epic.


12. 'THE ONE' (English version)

The album's closer is a six-and-a-half-minute song that starts with piano and is greased by slick guitar lines, is sung in English (obviously) and shows off this band’s increasingly impressive range. “Is this the end of the world?” they ask in the song, but this just feels like more proof that BM are only just getting started with theirs.




Review by: Rock Sound Magazine.

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