LEDA &  Takeshi Ueda confirm participation in "Metal Resistance"

Former BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Guitar LEDA and Gimme Chocolate's composer Takeshi Ueda confirmed today via Twitter their participations in the new BABYMETAL album "Metal Resistance" set to be released on FOX DAY, April 1st. Details below 


LEDA arragenments, recorded guitar & bass while Ueda composed for Metal Resistance

Former BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Guitar LEDA now playing and leading "Far East Dizain" announced today his participation in the new BABYMETAL's album "Metal Resistance". LEDA confirmed that he recorded bass on "Road Of Resistance", guitar and bass on "Amore" and arragenments, guitar and bass on "No Rain, No Rainbow".


Meanwhile, the composer of the most popular BABYMETAL's song so far, Takeshi Ueda leader of "AA=" announced today he composed the music and did the arragenments of the song "Awadama Fever"


BABYMETAL's new album "Metal Resistance" will be released worlsdwide on FOX DAY, April 1st.

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