#LoGiRL Special Interview with Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2015 Seniors: Rinon, Ooga & Shirai

Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2015 Seniors were interviewed after their last program on LoGiRL to talk about their stay on Sakura Gakuin all these years and their upcoming graduation event on March 27. Rinon Isono Students Council President, Ooga Saki and Shirai Saki talked about their beginnings, experiences on Sakura Gakuin and much more! Interview translated below. 


Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2015 future graduates interviewed on #LoGiRL! 

START OF THE FIRST PART, published on March 16, 2016----------

Rinon Isono, Ooga Saki and Shirai Saki will graduate from Sakura Gakuin in March 2016.

Before the graduation performance on the 27th of March, they talked about their memories about their appearance on LoGiRL episodes in the last year. Finally, it's the time for the 3rd year members graduation. So I'd like to hear about your thoughts on 'Sakura Gakuin after school learning Monday'.


The program started in January 2015, do you remember your first performance?

Rinon: "I appeared in the first episode. I was the only 2nd year member, and then there were all the four 3rd year members. But I couldn't believe there was a live program every week for Sakura Gakuin. At first I was shocked."


Were you nervous on that occasion?

Rinon: "Actually, I was perfectly OK. Because the senior members were close to me, and I was happy I could just talk about what I liked. Even though I still think it was a shock, actually I enjoyed myself, and I was perfectly at ease."


Ooga: "On the contrary, at the time of my first appearance, I was terribly nervous. With Mori Hayashi sensei we always did the open lessons together, so I thought I should do as I always did, but in a TV program you have to talk much more, so I thought 'what if I fumble with my words?'. But once it started, actually this hour passed in the blink of an eye. It was so enjoyable I didn't even have the time to worry."


Rinon: "That's true. Once it started it was very quick."


Ooga: "Yeah. And also it was my first experience writing the answers on the drawing paper, I was really nervous. But... at first, after the transmission was over every time my face was red, and the tension got really high. I had the intention to have fun, but maybe I was actually nervous. Recently, I was finally able to calm down and finish the transmission."


Being told by the senior members 'We will watch over you'

Shirai: "They both had a proper first appearance, but for me my first time was just five minutes! My part was to run to the studio and deliver the DVD single of 'Aogeba Toutoshi' in the middle of the program."


Ooga: "Yeah, that's right!"

Shirai: "What's more, the program started in January and the first time I appeared was in March."


Shirai san's first appearance was in the 6th episode.

Shirai: "For 5 episodes I was temporarily laid off!"


How did you feel during these two months without appearing in the program?

Shirai: "I was a bit anxious, I thought why am I the only one they don't call? But actually every time I watched the show at home I did a simulation like 'if it was me, I would do this way'. And during the live segments too, I was like 'why they can't answer that question?'."


Rinon: "But, C-chan was seriously in a hurry, when she first appeared."


Shirai: "That's right! I had to run to the studio for real. Because there was a chance I wouldn't make it!"


It was an amazing first appearance! Aside from that, there was another episode you particularly remember?


Shirai: "Rather than the program itself, it's something that happened behind the scenes. The next day of the 2014 nendo graduation show, there was one of Logirl episodes. The members always gather at an appointed place and then go together, but for some reason there were two members who had just graduated, Moa chan and Hana chan. They told me 'we had some free time, and taking this opportunity we came here' and I was really surprised."


Ooga: "Even though it was the day after their graduation.."


Shirai: "But, they told us 'we will watch over you', so even if the senior members graduated it had this 'it's all right' kind of feeling."


'Without noticing it was green gentian tea...'

Rinon: "As for me, it left an impression the one when Mori sensei had to guess who was drinking green gentian tea. All the members were acting while drinking their tea as if it wasn't bitter, in order to trick Mori sensei. And then I had green gentian tea, and honestly it didn't taste bitter at all..."


So Mori sensei was tricked by the excessive acting?

Rinon: "Well, I drank it but I didn't realize it was green gentian tea, I thought it was maybe a tea with that flavor. Obviously the reaction was taken away and I also didn't have the intention to act, so that segment of the show went wrong. I feel a bit sorry for that."


A memorable episode for Ooga san?

Ooga: "The episode when Mori sensei was absent, when I did a Mori sensei impersonation 'MoriSaki sensei', I remember that very well."


Before, Kikuchi Moa san did the same impersonation, right?

Ooga: "Yes. I always thought I wanted to do it, so when it really happened I was happy. But, if the show didn't go well Mori sensei would have told 'as I expected, when I'm not there it's not good', right? I absolutely didn't want to give him that impression, so I did my best in order not to make mistakes!" 


I'd like to make a counterattack to Mori sensei!

To begin with, why did you get the role of sensei?


Ooga: "I really don't know! All of a sudden I was told 'then, Ooga you'll do it'. But a bit like Mori sensei, I had fun talking to the members from above, in a sort of self-important way..."


Shirai: "For me, an episode that left an impression was the one when we had to do target practice with a black and white picture of Mori sensei, during the 'ganbare' segment. That picture was called the 'memorial picture'"


That picture has appeared many times so far on screen.

Shirai: "Yes, it was fun to hit Mori sensei's picture, and in that episode we succeeded after a long time! That's why I remember it so well."


It seems you all have a sort of 'I'd like to do a counterattack to Mori sensei' kind of feeling...

Shirai: "Yes, because he always deceives us!"


Ooga: "Me too, as Rinon told before I'd like to plan something to trick Mori sensei! We didn't do it even once, I'd like to give him a surprise blow!"


Rinon: "Because, we always get outwitted by Mori sensei."


Ooga: That's right! Therefore, we wanted to trick him at least once."



START OF SECOND PART, published on March 17, 2016----------


We would like to give him a surprise blow, but after all we are grateful"

Did you have any troubles during LoGiRL?


Shirai: "Since we aren't extremely skilled when it comes to talk shows, sometimes we got too much excited, sometimes we couldn't talk at all... I think these kind of things happened quite often. Since in this nendo there are also many transfer-ins, this topic appeared often in our review meetings."


Rinon: "We basically do a review meeting every time. Each member talks about aspects of the episode they want to focus on, and we receive advice from the staff room teachers or Mori sensei."


Shirai: "When the transfer-ins had just joined, I often spoke on their behalf and supported them. On that occasion, during the review meeting Mori sensei kindly told me 'you were really helpful', that made me so happy, and I still remember it well."


Rinon: "When Mori sensei told me 'you can do more as you please, if you want', that piece of advice gave me a lot of comfort. From that moment, in a way, I feel I was able to express myself more easily. Even at live shows I could talk more actively, and I'm truly grateful to Mori sensei."


By hearing all your words, Mori sensei is going to be pleased for sure.


Rinon: "We would like to give him a surprise blow, but after all we are grateful."


What would you do to communicate with the fukei

By the way, do you feel at LoGiRL you showed your natural self?


Ooga: "We are totally ourselves! I think during LoGiRL we show our true nature the most. It's live and we are in front of all the fukei, so there's also some parts we prepare in advance. But in the case of LoGiRL - well obviously there are people who are watching us, but since they can't see us directly, we can relax a bit more."


Rinon: "And also, at the live shows all the 12 members are there, so the senior members must behave properly at all costs. But during LoGiRL there's only three or four people, so we can express ourselves a bit more."


Ooga: "Yeah, LoGiRL is the place where the 3rd year members [of middle school] can show their natural self. I think this will be the case even in the future."


Do you think you have grown in some aspects, going through all LoGiRL episodes?

Ooga: "I think there's still room for improvements, but compared with before I think we are able to talk in a more steady and balanced way. Up to now we were sort of getting silly and saying funny things, but since the beginning of LoGiRL we gained more experience and we could consolidate our talk, and also add some jokes here and there. We have improved our talking a bit, I think."


Rinon: "We talked every week, so we could learn a lot about each member's traits. Recently at the live shows, we talk more and more without a script during the MC, I guess it's also because of our improved abilities thanks to LoGiRL. That's the case for me, and I think this was a growth for Sakura Gakuin as a whole."


Shirai: "I think for me as well, I was able to talk better and match well with the characters of each member. I think this has taught us what to do, in order to show each member's character more clearly to the fukei."


"Sakura Gakuin made me grow to adulthood"

Talking about the enrolled students, what kind of show would you like LoGiRL to be from now on?


Rinon: "There's still many aspects about the members that only we know, so I'd like them to quickly show in the next nendo. Obviously without forgetting about Sakura Gakuin and being neat, but I'd like them to show their lively aspect."


Ooga: "First of all, I'd like them not to forget their gratitude for having this opportunity of a weekly live program. On top of that, I'd like them to think about entertaining the fukei during the show, while enjoying themselves at the same time."


Shirai: "For me it's the same, each member has a different personality, and different good qualities, so I'd like them to show them in the program more and more. I think LoGiRL is the perfect place for this. Not just freely doing what they want, but also keeping in mind they need to communicate properly with the fukei, I think the show will end up being really good. After I'll graduate, as a fukei I will watch the show, so I'm really looking forward to it."


The graduation performance on the 27th of March is approaching. What kind of live show would you like to do?

Shirai: "There's only little time left, but I think before the performance there's still room for improvement for us. Therefore, in order to have the best performance for the graduation show, I'd like to work as hard as I can."


Ooga: "I'd like to enjoy the live to the most, showing all the things I have learned up to now in Sakura Gakuin. And also, not just the graduate students, but from next year I'd like to see the sparkling figure of the enrolled students leading Sakura Gakuin."


Rinon: "During these five years, I think what made me grow the most was Sakura Gakuin, so I'd like to express my gratitude to a lot of people during the graduation performance. And also, I think this live show is a link with the future, so in anticipation of next nendo's Sakura Gakuin, I'd like to graduate together with everyone with a smiling face!"





Interviews and Photos by: LoGiRL. Part 1 and Part 2

Translation by: Gakushabaka


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