BABYMETAL announce "Apocrypha - Only The FOX GOD Knows" shows in April!

BABYMETAL decided two more shows to take place after Wembley Arena and before the US Tour. The shows to be held for THE ONE Members will take place on April 20 and April 21, read more details below. 


BABYMETAL "Only The FOX GOD Knows" at Shinkiba Studio Coast

BABYMETAL decided 2 new more shows for THE ONE members to be held in April. "Apocrypha - Only The FOX GOD Knows" shows will take place on April 20 and April 21 at Shinkiba Studio Coast. Acceptance tickets period: From March 18 at 12:00 to March 22 at 23:59 Japanese Time. 


The concert is held only to THE ONE Members with active account (2016). 

THE ONE ID and Face Photo oare required to both shows.

Details about THE ONE ID and Face Photo, click here.  


"Apocrypha - Only The FOX GOD Knows" 

Dates: April 20 (Wednesday)  April 21 (Thursday)

Venue: Shinkiba Studio Coast

Open Doors: 17:30 Japanese Time

Start: 18:30 Japanese Time


In addition, BABYMETAL published a digest of the Exclusive event "THE ONE OF THE ONE" where the winner "S-Masami Metal" had the chance to listen the new album "Metal Resistance" and met BABYMETAL! Watch the digest below! 



For more details please visit BABYMETAL's Official Website, click here.

To learn how to become THE ONE, visit our 7 steps guide, click here! 

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