Suzuka interviewed on THE MUSIC from Australia: "We are not going to stop here"

Suzuka Nakamoto was interviewed on THE MUSIC Magazine from Sydney, Australia to talk about Metal Music, BABYMETAL's concept, writing lyrics, recording Metal Resistance in Australia and more. Read the interview below and check the scans with an awesome cover! 


Suzuka about writing lyrics, watching Slipknot at Download, experience in Australia

BABYMETAL's Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto) use to think metal was "loud and even a little bit scary", as was laying down a track in English, she tells Jonty Czuchwicki (in perfect English). 


"I don't know metal enough to be able to go to that step just yet. I have to learn more about metal before I can take on the reigns of a composer of a lyricist."


Suzuka speaks about "Metal Resistance" and future music: "With the second album Metal Resistance we challenged ourselves to (try) may new genres that we have actually never done before... Even in the future, we are not going to stop here. We definitely want to explore music even further, and metal even further." 


Nakamoto has yet to contribute her own lyrics to BABYMETAL, and the reason behind this is endearing. As she describes in her own words: "It is true that wen I first started out in BABYMETAL that I had no idea what metal was. In fact at that time in my life I only thought metal music as being loud and even a little bit scary. Now that we are exposed to metal, all forms of metal, my perspective on metal has really changed. In fact I feel that metal is a type of music that is very much easier to get into than expected. I do think that writing something would be interesting, but at the same time I feel that I don't know metal enough to be able to go to that step just yet. I have to learn more about metal before I can take on the reigns of a composer of a lyricist." 


"Yuimetal and Moametal, the other two members of BABYMETAL, they actually have written some songs and lyrics before. It must be that they enjoy doing it because sometimes when we are traveling together for example the two of them will be writing or humming a song or a tune and it always ends up being very catch and something that sticks into your head. They are probably more interested in writing the music... I am already taking on a very big role in just trying to develop the song or convey the song when I am on stage. I am having a lot of fun just doing that so at this time my focus is all on that." 


Perspective on Metal Music: 

"Metal music is something that actually hits you in the hear. It has a very strong image. Metal music as a whole is very powerful, in fact it's not like people say that it's very depressing or anything, in fact I feel that metal music helps you to move forward in whatever you do. It's also very motiving at times... The lyrics are very positive, there's a lot of things that can be very motiviting to the listener, for example for ourselves. In particular, the song Road Of Resistance, the lyrics speak about going through uncharted paths in life, exploring unknown territories and believing in yourself... It really reflects what we were doing last year on our world tour for example, trying out different things and experimenting with different genres of music."


About the song THE ONE:

"THE ONE is the first song I have performed in English so it was not very easy for me...I am now studying English, but I realised how difficult it is when you are trying to enunciate something in a song versus when you're speaking. I had to go to through training but this will be the first song that's all in English, which means that it's also the first song that all the fans will be able to understand. I can't wait for the fans to listen to the song and I can't wait for people to listen to the message that is within the song." 


BABYMETAL roots and Japanese lyrics: 

"...for now Japanese lyrics are obvioulsy very important for us as well because that's who we are, but it doesn't mean that we will never sing in English again and, you know, when the opportunity arises definitely that's something that could be in the books for us as well." 


Recording "Metal Resistance" in Australia: 

"When I was in Australia I was stuck in the sutdio the whole time and didn't really see much... I managed to walk around a little bit in the city but really that was it. I hope to be able to come back again, perhaps on a tour, maybe in the future. I celebrated my birthday (in Australia), because I was abroad it was the first time I was presented with cupcakes as my birthday cake instead of a proper cake. That was really fun for me, I thought, celebrating my birthday in the studio." 


Suzuka speaks about experiences on the road:

"At Download I went to watch Slipknot...Obviously the performance and stage was simply amazing. I remember the drums were rotating on stage and things like that, I feel like Slipknot put a lot emphasis into performance as well to make sure that the fans enjoy their show. That's something I hope, that myabe one day BABYMETAL will also be able to do something as bold as that." 


Full interview in the scans below.

Special thanks to David Goesch and Rene Colorado


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