Watch the new Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL, March 14

New Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL, the last Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2015 program for the Seniors Rinon Isono, Ooga Saki and Shirai Saki who will graduate in just 2 weeks! Very emotional program as expected. Watch the full show below! 


Last Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL for Rinon, Ooga and Shirai! 


Very special program took place at TV Asahi Studios in the last Sakura Gakuin program on LoGiRL for the Third Graders. The Students Council President Rinon Isono, Ooga Saki and Shirai Saki started the program alone for several minutes and with time more and more members started to join their last program on LoGiRL along with Mori-Sensei


Games, memorable moments, a real roller coaster of emotions in this 58 minutes of LoGiRL. 

Video courtesy of our collaborator: MissingReel

We hope you enjoy it! 


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