Kobametal on "Metal Resistance" and challenging the girls one step further on CD & DL Magazine

BABYMETAL's mastermind Kobametal was interviewed on CD & DL Data Magazine to talk about the upcoming BABYMETAL's new album "Metal Resistance" to be released on FOX DAY. "Koba" talks on the catch line of the new album, and songs like "The One", "Tales Of Destinies", "Yava!" and "Meta Taro". Also about challenging the girls! Full interview translated below!


CD & DL Magazine interviews Kobametal about "Metal Resistance"! 

CD & DL Data Magazine interview with KOBAMETAL. Interview included on the issue released on March 14. 


Kobametal about "BABYMETAL" and "Metal Resistance":

"The catch line we’d written for first album was, “This is first album, and the best album,” but when we’d been recording it, we’d been thinking, “This is first album, and the best album, and the last album.” That reflected our determination. Again, this time, we started working as if it were “the new album and the last album.” The previous one contained quite a lot of songs that had been already released as singles, in that sense, that was almost a “best album.” So I’d been thinking we would make second album as we had handful of new songs that grew up in our gigs. And you know, it is exciting to see that a song gets better and better, or gets new arrangements or so, as it is played at gigs again and again, just like many rock bands do. That was what I was so conscious about. When they were on stage, we observed their performances, including choreography, and if we found something that could not express their movements, we fixed it. Thus we’d been piled up small adjustments, fixations or modifications not only to songs, but also to lighting of the stage and such." 


Kobametal about: "The One", "Tales Of Destinies", "Yava!" and "Meta Taro": 

"The song “THE ONE” may reflect what we felt on the road of the world tour. Our experiences at Reading, Sonisphere and such, told us how hard to unite all the crowd as one, and there are only few artists who can do it. And as everybody becomes as one, it produces gigantic energy. As we saw it, we thought, “Someday I want to make a song for BABYMETAL, a song that would make this happen.” It was the beginning of the song. In musical sense, this song and “Tales of Destinies” are progressive metal, which I wanted to let them play for a long time. These songs are kind of a pair, originally one song and we divided; it took quite a long time in arrangements.




Rhythm of “Yava!” has an element of Ska, but it is interpreted as loud rock. Bands of younger generation write new kind of music by mixing various genres of music that had influenced them, maybe this song has same style.


“Meta Taro” has many elements mixed up, but in terms of interpretation of metal, this is viking metal. And in terms of Japanese cultural aspects, it has an element of theme songs of good old Japanese hero, and its chorus has an element of cheering songs for sports teams…so, it has many elements. We have broader range of fans these days, so this song may be for small “BABYMETAL children” who would inherit the ideology of BABYMETAL for the new generation."


Kobametal on challenging the girls one step further: 

"The girls have experienced so many things including the world tours, they have grown up to be better than two years ago. For me, observing their career, it is very interesting, like, “Oh she does this kind of way to sing!”, I found many new aspects of them here and there, then I thought, “If she can do this, let’s play a song that would be a challenge for her to go one step further.” It is one of our motivations in the new album. We did quite a lot of new attempts that would make the way for “New BABYMETAL”, such as English version of “The One”, or “From Dusk Till Dawn” which is exclusive track for non-Japanese edition. Metal is the axis of BABYMETAL, so we keep our respect to the traditional manner of metal, then put some surprise in it. That’s what we intended. This year we have our Tokyo Dome show, I think this is result of a chance, you know, we can do it when we can do it, but we cannot do it when we cannot. In that sense, it must be our destiny that we can get such an opportunity in the midst of 2016 crisis."




Translation by: eyeball_man

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