Sakura Gakuin "Archeology Of The Song" Open Class goods details

Sakura Gakuin announced the goods details of the last Open Class of Nendo 2015, "Archeology Of The Song" to be held in Tokyo at The Grand Hall and hosted as always by Sakura Gakuin's Principal Mitsuru Kuramoto. Check the details below! 


Sakura Gakuin's last Open Class of Nendo 2015 goods details

Sakura Gakuin decided the gooods for the last Open Class of Nendo 2015 "Archeology Of The Song"The students will have present a song to sing acapella accompanied with a presentation to explain the context of  the song and meaning for each of them.



Sakura Gakuin Archeology Of  The Song Open Classes - 

Date & Venue: March 13, 2016 at The Grand Hall in Tokyo. 


First Class: Open Doors 12:15 - Curtain 13:00 Japanese Time 

Ooga Saki, Shirai Saki, Mirena Kurosawa, Megumi Okada, Maaya Asou, Soyoka Yoshida 

Second Class: Open Doors 15:45 - Curtain 16:30 Japanese Time

Rinon Isono, Sara Kurashima, Aiko Yamaide, Momoko Okazaki, Marin Hidaka, Kano Fujihira






-Sakura Gakuin Guests Slippers

Price: ¥ 1,500- (tax included)

-Kirameki No Kakera Photo Set (12 pieces)

Price: ¥ 2,300- (tax included)

-Sakura Gakuin "Kirameki No Kakera"

Firs Press Limied Edition CD + Bluray

¥ 4,320 (tax included)

Firs Press Limied Edition CD + DVD

 ¥ 4,104 (tax included)

Regular Edition CD

¥ 3,240 (tax included)



Goods are sold only to person who has the ticket for each open class. 


Sales location will is planned to be in the main entrance or near the lobby. 

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