Marty Friedman on BABYMETAL's unique sound & homages to Heavy Metal

The first supporter of BABYMETAL back in 2010 and 2011 from the Metal scene was the great Marty Friedman. This week was interviewed on Metal Wani to talk about his US Tour leg, his fans, his solo albums and more. But also was asked about BABYMETAL. Check an excerpt of the interview below. 


Marty Friedman about BABYMETAL's unique sound on Metal Wani

Marty Friedman former of Megadeth and ultra famous Heavy Metal star in Japan who used to show openly his support BABYMETAL in their beginnings was interviewed by  Metal Wani’s Editor Owais ‘Vitek’ Nabi and Mayur Jalan to talk about the last leg of US Tour, fan response, why he wrote solo albums meant to be playing live, metal scene in Japan, why Japanese musicians love to fuse metal in pop and other genres, and how responsive are people to various kinds of music,  longevity, why he doesn’t like to shake hands with anyone and more. Marty also talks about why BABYMETAL has a unique sound & an homage to great heavy metal bands. 


Here is an excerpt of what he said about BABYMETAL


"As you can see there is a lot of attetion from overseas to group like BABYMETAL, which is a complete fusion of a completely different worlds of music. I mean, the metal sound of that is, you can't deny that sounds real metal, but when you hear the singing and the topics of the songs that's not stuff that you tipically associate with metal..." 


"BABYMETAL, they have a very great basis of sense of humor in what are they doing as well. A lot of what they do is like an homage to great Heavy Metal bands and they are having fun doing it, and they are doing it at the top of their game, i mean just take the Metal sound of that, the instrumentation and arrangements, it's really really brutal mutal. I mean it's not a joke, not a joke at all but there is a very joking spirit in the whole thing and i think that translates really well to people of all different cultures."


Listen the whole interview below! 

If you are interested to find only BABYMETAL comments just go to minute 03:40 on Part 1 of the interview.


Videos courtesy of Metal Wani exclusive interview with Marty Friedman.. 


Marty Friedman on Metal Wani, Party 1 

Marty Friedman on Metal Wani, Party 2

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