Oricon Style: Sakura Gakuin the healthy Idol Group

Oricon Style report about the "growth period limited" Idol Groups focused in the process of Sakura Gakuin's member devolpment process and the final result based on its graduates: BABYMETAL (Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi), Ayaka Miyoshi and Airi Matsui. Check the translation of the report below! 


Stick in the conspicuous "growth period limited" in the "aging" towards Idol Scene

Looking at the recent years of the Idol Scene, the extension and the duration of the groups, sometimes the active period "as Idol" of each individual members are prolonged, there are over 20's. It's heard also the skeptical voice in terms of metabolism. Referred to such "growth period limited unit", the group Sakura Gakuin which is formed only with Elementary and Junior High School students is not carried out to be "in contact" in events as handshake meetings which become mainstream in the recent years. Forced to be graduated from the group after the Junior High Graduation. However, the members post-graduation are forming their own standing position in various fields. 


The success of the Pop Group, focused in the talent development in the "practice". 



Translator note: Report use examples on AKB48 members and their graduations. 

Translation continues with our main focus, BABYMETAL and Sakura Gakuin



-BABYMETAL and Ayaka Miyoshi turn out,  that their success in their develompent in various fields is not being bound to the past.  


Aside the reluctance of the 3 graduation, there is an advantage for the future. Also with this popular Idols, there is a strong image as actress, if with a graduation within the color of the Idol doesn't have, smoothly reached the next devolpment. In fact, the other, the graduate Ayaka Miyoshi model since the Fiscal Year 2011, appeared as heroine in the drama "Angel Heart" (NTV), is still active as actress. In addition the same is for Airi Matsui with modeling and movie appearances and appointed to many Commercials. Both currently are 19 Years Old, they have spread their activities in a wide range of genres. 


In addition, the major feature of Sakura Gakuin, is not including the handshake meeting (AKA Meet & Greet), such "contact" event is inherent. The handshake meeting of students and Fukei is not required... in theory, by far had better CD sales. But members are still Elementary and Junior High School students, it has been considered to not apply an excessive burden. Moreover, BABYMETAL was formed as part of the Sakura Gakuin activities, the fusion has attracted the worldwide attention to the Idol, who served as opening act in United States for Lady Gaga. Without any result, the handshake meeting, has jumped over the frame of the Japanese Idol. The implication is strong in Sakura Gakuin than the investment, from the ending of a teenager as Idol, leaving the talent of people who can work, in the long term also benefit as a business. Although there is leading office with unique stance. 


The Idol stalls after the graduation, there is also a skills shortage in addition to the image above. To support the growth of the Japanese Idol Culture, it's good even not perfect. But, sometimes there is tension on Idol adults, even when are issued in rough seas of the entertainment industry in their 20s they remain immature and be replaced ending in something harsh. 


Sakura Gakuin honed their skills as Idols up to this 3, to build on it, after is prepared to live as an indivdual. The deployment after the graduation is free, are also members who retired after the graduation at the same time from the entertainment industry with the aim of nurses. The result it was looking at it from the Idol activity. Miyoshi and Matsui, but also of course produced the great BABYMETAL, Sakura Gakuin is also helping to show the growth in the entertainment, as well to place the learning of Elementary and Junior High School students talent, it might be said that is a "Healthy" Idol Group. 




Report by: Oricon Style

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

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