Meet Perfume & BABYMETAL Prop Stylist Ayumi Endo

A new update of our Staff section, an update with style featuring BABYMETAL's Prop Stylist Ayumi Endo. Ayumi makes several activities aside BABYMETAL or Perfume, she also works for Magazines, Catalogs, and even TV Commercials. Please check our report and photos of her works with BABYMETAL


Report: Ayumi Endo, BABYMETAL Prop Stylst 

Ayumi Endo was born in 1987 in Kyoto, located in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan. She studied in the Nihon University College Of Art, and was part of the Theater Deparment for graduations. Ayumi more important works are with Perfume and BABYMETAL as Prop Stylist, also she works in TV Commercials, Magazines, Catalogs, CD Jackets (CD Covers) and mainly for female models. 


But first, what is a prop stylist? A prop stylist shops for and gathers a selection of props for photo shoots. The shoots might be editorials for magazines or advertising shoots for catalogs or websites. It might be a photo shoot all about food recipes, or a fashion story, or an interior design story. There are many types of stylists: food, wardrobe, prop, floral, hair, makeup, and more.


Ayumi works for Artists like: 

BABYMETAL, Perfume, Dorothy Little Happy, Earthmind, Yuko Oshima from AKB48, Mai Shiraishi from Nogizaka46, Jurina Matsui and Rena Matsui from SKE48, Miyuki Watanabe NMB48, and many more. 


Magazines like: 

Palm Maison, Palm Bis, CUTiE, LARME, Zipper, smart, Marquee, and more. 


Advertisings like: 

Shiseido, Essential Damage Care, Jillstuart, Pokka Sapporo, Parco, Jumblestore, Cuffz, Shibuya 109 and more. 


Catalogs like:

Wella, Dress Bullet by Glamb, Cecil McBee, Punyus, Candy Stripper and more.


Event decorations like: 

Avex a-nation 2012 Shibuya AX, LARME Secret part at Ogasawara Earl House, Parco x LARME Show window, Lalaport Tokyo-Bay, Ikea Tachikawa Street Party, Seventeen Summer Festival 2014 and many more. 


Commmercials like: 

Yoyogi Seminar, HAO123, Disney "Yunibeatshiti", Softbank Disney style and more.


Just a few of her works with BABYMETAL are available on Internet, we could find just a some from previous years. 


BABYMETAL on Marquee Magazine Vol.94 released on December 11 of 2012. 


BABYMETAL on Marquee Magazine Vol.97 released on June 10 of 2013. 



To learn more about Ayumi Endo, please visit her official site, click here.




Report by: Maik Gianino

Special thanks to: Hitoshi Sugioka

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