Meet Mori-Sensei, Sakura Gakuin's tutor Mori Hayashi

To celebrate his 38th birthday, we invite you to meet Mori Hayashi, better known as "Mori-Sensei", Sakura Gakuin students tutor, MC, but also, actor, songwriter, screenwriter and more. With this biographical article about Mori-Sensei we want share with you how awesome he is, as we say every Monday in our LoGiRL posts! We hope you enjoy it!


Sakura Gakuin tutor Mori-Sensei, Mori Hayashi

Mori-Sensei's real name is Mori Hayashi. Mori was born on February 12 of 1978 in Tokyo, Japan. He is screenwriter and actor. He is an Amuse Artist since 2002 when he started as part of WAGE comedy group from the Waseda University. 

During his stay with WAGE, the group released 4 DVDs. 


  • "Kamikaze Girls" on November 26 of 2004. 
  • "White and Black, Kuro  to Shiro" on April 12 of 2005.
  • "Enta No Kamisama, Best Selection Vol.6" on May 25 of 2005.
  • "Maji, Wara Dai Vol.5" on July 25 of 2005. 


After the disolution of the group in late 2005 he started a role as screenwriter.


Since then 4 Mori's screenplays were performed:

  • "ON LINE" a collaboration between Amuse Youth and SET at Akasaka V Theatre in June 2006.
  • ON LINE Vol. 2 "Room Share" in May 2007 at Space Zero.
  • "Under The Trees", March 2007 at Senbonzakura Hall.
  • "Misuteriisuteji Meitanteikonan 'Satsui No Kaien Beru'" in 2014 with Shogakukan Shueisha Productions.  

His first role in TV was in 2008 in Fuji TV with "Loss Time Life", in 2009 appeared on "Chojin Utada", "Konkatsu!" and "7 Mannin Tantei Nitobe", in 2010 on "Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko No Uso" of TV Asahi, in 2011 on "Asuko March!", in  2012 on "Moso Sosa" and "Higashino Keigo Mysteries", in 2013 "Kamo, Kyoto e Iku", "Yo nimo Kimyo na Mnogatari 2013 Spring Special" and "No Con Kid", in 2014 on "Isharyou Bengoshi" and "Hottokenai Majotachi", and in 2015 on "Itsutsu Bshi  Tourist" and in 2016 on "Money No Tenshi" of YTV. 


Mori in 2010 joined Sakura Gakuin, since then he is better known as Mori-Sensei, his role is being the Sakura Gakuin students tutor. He also is the screenwriter of the Sakura Gakuin shows and screenwriter of Sakura Gakuin Dramas. During the live events he is moderator, and decide what lyrics and music are performed. He also it's in charge of what is recorded for DVD/Bluray. In addition he is Sakura Gakuin's "MC" on LoGiRL of TV Asahi every Monday since 2015. 


Mori also is songwriter of one of the most popular Sakura Gakuin songs "Mezase! Super Lady" since he knows the girls very much and each member personality. 


In 2015 he was the Director of the short film "Sunday", thanks to his work was nominated in the "Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2015" 


Sunday's Plot: "It's parents' day at school and the students have prepared essays about their families. One girl reads her essay ''My Dad on Sunday'' in front of her classmates and to the parents in the room. What did she write that leaves the teacher in such a state of shock?"

Nowadays, Mori Hayashi and Tano Asami have together a Radio Show called "Mochikomitsu" on RKB Mainichi Broadcasting every Saturday from 25:00 to 25:30.





Report by: Maik Gianino

Sources: Amuse Profile, Wiki D-Addicts, Short Shorts Org, Wikipedia.

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