Upcoming Kami Band members activities in February 2016

BABYMETAL Kami Band members have tons of parallel projects aside BABYMETAL, in the following post we are summarizing most of their most important activities during the month of February 2016. Check them below! 


BOH, Isao, Hideki, Mikio, Takayoshi and Yuya's activities during the month of February 

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Kami Band God Of Guitar Isao Fujita will be playing with IK Groovin' at Yokohama Hey-Joe on February 13. 

IK Groovin' at Yokohama Hey-Joe event details not available.


In addition, God Of Guitar Isao Fujita will be playing his first live of the year with MAKAI on February 19.

Tickets still available, for more details please visit Makai's official account on Twitter, click here.

Follow ISAO on Twitter: twitter.com/Isao1229




Kami Band members Mikio Fujioka, BOH and Yuya Maeta announced the second live show of the "Kari Band". Will take place on February 21, 2016 at Shibuya JZ Brat in Tokyo, Japan


Kari Band at Shibuya JZ Brat event details: 

1st Show: Open 13:00 Start 14:30 Japanese Time

2nd Show: Open 17:30 Start 19:00 Japanese Time


All seats (designed): ¥ 4,000

Doesn't include food or drinks. 


Follow Bassist BOH Twitter: twitter.com/BassistBOH

Follow Mikio on Twitter: twitter.com/mikio158cm

Follow Yuya on Twitter: twitter.com/yuya_maeta




Kami Band God Of Bass, BOH will held the first Bass Clinic and private lesson of the year. 

The event will take place on February 27 at the M-Bank Studio. 

Partcipation fee: 6.000 Yen 

Duration: 60 minutes


To participate please visit the following M-Bank Studio form, click here

M-Bank Twitter: twitter.com/mbank_benkyou

Bassist BOH Twitter: twitter.com/BassistBOH




Kami Band God Of Drums Hideki Aoyama will be hosting an instruments exhibition and talk with Aoyama family member Yuki. The Aoyama brothers will host the event on February 27 at the Musical Instruments Cafe in Chiyoda-ku in Tokyo. 


Jun Aoyama vs Hideki & Yuki Aoyama event details: 

Open Doors: 14:30 Japanese Time

Event Start: 15:00 Japanese Time


To get tickets and information please call to: 03-5577-4108 or send an email to: gakki-cafe@atoss.co.jp

Follow Hideki on Twitter: twitter.com/aoyama_hideki




God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura will play with his band CD at Shibuya REX on February 27 as part of the "Operation ORGA Tour". 


Operation Orga at Shibuya REX event details: 

Open doors: 18:00 Japanese Time

Show start: 18:30 Japanese Time 


Advanced Ticket: ¥ 4,000

On the day Ticket: ¥ 4,500


Follow Takayoshi on Twitter: twitter.com/TakayoshiOhmura




Kami Band God Of Guitars Mikio Fujioka and Isao Fujita will perform with their bands Trick Box and Spark7 at ShowBoat on February 29.


Trick Box x Spark7 event details: 

Doors Open: 19:00 Japanese Time

Curtain 19:30 Japanese Time


The Tickets are now on sale. 

Fans can apply for tickets via phone or email to: 03-3337-5745 / info@showboat.co.jp


Follow Mikio on Twitter: twitter.com/mikio158cm

Follow ISAO on Twitter: twitter.com/Isao1229

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