Hisanori Yoshida talks about the "Origin of BABYMETAL"

Hisanori Yoshida who interviewed Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-Metal" in 2013 on "Kayou Guest Plus" to promote Megistune (Watch the interview here) a few days ago in a podcast by Fuji TV talked about the origins of BABYMETAL on Sakura Gakuin, Kobametal as Sakura Gakuin producer and more. Read what he said below. 


Hisanori Yoshida about the Origin of BABYMETAL on "Yoppy"

In a morning seminar held on Fuji TV on Friday January 22 with lectured Hisanori Yoshida, he talked about "Modern geek etiquette and taboo". Making the content towards "the people in the middle". The design was delivered in the "Yoppy" series. Yoshida shared a story where he helped with ideas to Kobametal to create a Heavy Metal sub-unit inside Sakura Gakuin, that was the inception of BABYMETAL


One of the points of the seminar was, BABYMETAL

Yoshida was near to BABYMETAL's birth. He said that BABYMETAL was originally an unit under the Amuse Idol called Sakura Gakuin. Since there are a variety of clubs system, there are a lot of extracurricular activities, for exaple the Newspaper unit, the Baton unit, among them they did the Heavy Metal one, starting the first settings.  


He also mentions that Amuse designed Kobayashi (Kobametal) as producer of Sakura Gakuin and while they were flying to China together, he (Kobametal) said that he didn't know anything at all about Idol. "'I don't know about Idol, now i'm in charge of Sakura Gakuin', and i heard the story. He asked help to me 'You know about Idols, what i should do?' However, asked him 'What do you like?, "I like Heavy Metal, is amazing." 


Became in a great lovely talk about Heavy Metal, was nice, and after some time he said to me: "Please come to see it at Shinjuku Loft", there was BABYMETAL. E... at that time, yes, will go absolutely! 


I had a sure feeling, the first time i saw them i thought they will have success and that was in a short time." 





Article by Hisanori Yoshida on Yoppy.tokyo

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.

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