Su-Metal about "Doki Doki Morning" on Kerrang! Magazine

BABYMETAL was highlighted once again on Kerrang! Magazine from United Kingdom. This time their first song "Doki Doki Morning" was featured in the 9th place of the Kerrang! Rock Chart, also Suzuka Nakamoto "Su-Metal" was interviewed to talk about the song. Check the interview and scans below. 


Doki Doki Morning #9 in the Kerrang! Magazine Rock Chart 

Suzuka Nakamoto "Su-Metal" was interviewed to talk about the first BABYMETAL song, "Doki Doki Morning" which reached the #9 in the Kerrang! Magazine Rock Chart between artists like Panic! At The Disco, Halestorm, Dead!, Black PEaks, Enter Shikari, Pvris and many others. 


Suzuka was asked about the song and this is what she said: 


What's "Doki Doki Morning" about? 

Su-Metal: "It's a song about busy morning! Doki Doki express the feeling of anticipation of what the day will bring, so this song is about getting over the morning in a fun way - despite it being a super-busy one."


Is there anything about the track that fans don't know?

Su-Metal: "It's been five years since BABYMETAL was formed, and this was our first-ever song! It has been that long. See how Yuimetal and Moametal have grown too! Maybe the fans don't noice this, or maybe only a few do, but our dance moves have changed throughout the years to adapt to our live performances."


What's your favourite lyric and why?

Su-Metal: "I love the part goes 'Ring Ring Ring! Ohayo, wake up", it has a ver catchy tune and it makes me happy just listening to this part." 




Scans courtesy of The Thrawn

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