Mikiko & BABYMETAL featured on Japan Countdown 

BABYMETAL, Sakura Gakuin and Perfume choreographer Mikiko was once again featured in the Japanese TV, this time on Japan Countdown Check of TV Osaka on January 24. Japan Countdown Check talks about her works as choreographer with Perfume, Gen Hoshino, BABYMETAL and others, check the video translated below. 


BABYMETAL's choreographer featured on Japan Countdown Check 

BABYMETAL, Sakura Gakuin and Perfume choreographer Mikiko was highlighted was again on Japanese TV. This time Japan Countdown Check mentioned her works with Perfume, and BABYMETAL along other Japanese artists. Japan Countdown features what Mikiko brings in the dance scene, and why is she so important in the music scene. 


Report mentions that she refuses to simply mimic what happens in the Hip Hop or R&B scene and she tries to find her own originality. The report features "Pick Me Up" from Perfume, "Gimme Chocolate" from BABYMETAL because she makes the artist dance and audience visualize the lyrics with performers movements. 


Watch the full report below. 

Subtitles by: Thomas Malone


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