Report & Photos: Sakura Gakuin with Olympic athletes in the "Rhythmic Gymnastics" Open Class

Sakura Gakuin held the first Open Class of the year at the Hamagin Hall Via Mare in Kanagawa on January 16 with the Tokyo Women's College Of Physical Education and Rhythmic Gymnastic Unit. The site attended to the event and wrote a report about the Open Class. Read the report translated including cute photos below. 


Sakura Gakuin "Lesson Of Rhythm Gymnastics" in Kanagawa

Sakura Gakuin held the first Open Class of the year at Hamagin Hall Via Mare in Kanagawa on January 16. 


Tokyo Women's College Of Physical Education and Rhythmic Gymnastic Unit coach Erika Akiyama served as teacher in the rhythmic gymanstic open class, while the London Olympic Games representatives Miura Rina, Arai Konatsu, Ono Asuka and Risa Fujioka were chosen to take part of the event.  


The first group was Shirai Saki, Sara Kurashima, Momoko Okazaki and Maaya Asou. In order to help the girls to know what is the Rhythmic Gymnastics, they appreciated the performance of the players. They used ribbons, hoops, balls, while the wide-eyed students saw them making figures dancing in a brilliant reportoire. "Amazing!, "Beautiful!".


The four girls handed red ribbons, learned the dance choreography of the new song "Kiramekino Kakera". While Shirai Saki with 8 years of rhythmic gymanastic experience moved the ribbon drawing a beautiful trajectory, Okazaki and Asou had troubles. Even while the two girls intwined the ribbons many times, they did the performance with charm and smiles. Kurashima grabbed the ropes prematurely due her inexperience, was manipulating the ribbons expressively. Akiyama mastered the choreography improvising, in the last part of "Kiramekino Kakera" showed off the dance, and they drew a large cross in the stage using the ribbons. 


The second group with Ooga Saki, Mirena Kurosawa, Megumi Okada and Kano Fujihira did their repertoire with cherry color balls. Megumi couldn't catch the ball, the second group was full of uncertainties but at the end the choreography was gradually taking shape and the teacher felt relieved. Somehow the four girls showed off the performance they have learned in accordance to "Kirameki Kakera"


The last group with Rinon Isono, Aiko Yamaide, Marin Hidaka and Soyoka Yoshida, appeared with the hoop. They were challenged to rotate the hoop in their hands and also jump the rope, the four girls one by one were learning the choreography. After many mistakes, the four girls made the performance according to "Kiramekino Kakera" receiving the applause from the audience. But they weren't satisfied with that and carried the reperotire again. They completed a perfect performance after the second attempt, receiving again the applause from the audience. 




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Summary translated by: Maik Gianino


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