JCC Report: "BABYMETAL: The beautiful 'Oneesan' for children"

A new very interesting report by JCC News from Japan. This time they talk about how BABYMETAL has trascended generations reaching in the last 2 years the little childrens audience  through their own parents. They also make a comparation with "Pink Lady", a famous Japanese artist years ago. Read the full report translated below! 


JCC Report about little children dancing with BABYMETAL 

BABYMETAL is becoming in a major one, since two years ago, people covering their music is rapidly increasing in the video sites. Brilliantly a guitar boy and a drummer playing difficult rhythms to follow, the viewer? Has been attracted his attention. In one hand human hair has growth in the audience, dabster (rude!).


On the other hand, many people was fascinated by the dancing of BABYMETAL, there is published dancings flowing online doing imitations. There is an infinte level of variety, but some are good enough to admire, not all cute, but it is good if the person is enjoying, are different and various levels. There are such videos in the showcase where are small children dancing. 


The age to be specific is from 3 years old to around 10 years old. Of course, it's not a complex dance, combined with the violence of the song, it's just the body tumbling around from front to back and left to right and diagonal, anyway dancing is going from here to there. 


BABYMETAL in Mexico City
BABYMETAL in Mexico City

At first, the parents were amused with the DVD (Bluray) and video sites, and this time seems like the children got hooked. Even look at the children, they really love the 3 princesses and the music of BABYMETAL, they come to a state where they truly enjoy the music and the dancing. And this seems to be a worldwide phenomenon. White or black, also in Asia and South America, young children around the world are becoming absorbed by BABYMETAL



Mexico Live was impressive last year (2015), there was a 10 years old girl staring at the stage while her eyes were sparkling, desperately singing together. BABYMETAL acutely conveyed to that. This live was a valuable experience for her that will remain in her memory. BABYMETAL helps to the growing interest in Japan, and this child will be surely become a cultural bridge between Japan and Mexico.



Ok, why BABYMETAL can capture the hearts of small children like this? 

Intense dancing with metal roars, why this tiny child? It's very strange. From management side, collecting attention from children, would not be what you were expecting at all. Came to think in an old example "Pinkuredi" (Pink Lady). Originally Pink Lady was a young "oneesan" (older sister) wearing an ultra-mini skirt. Did a racy dancing, it was a concept to call the attention of men (middle aged as well?). But when opened the lid, more than the original aim, was collecting young people and an enormous popularity between tiny and young girls. Because at that time the office was amateur and low-budget, also the songwriting and choreography, it might have paid off. Thus Pink Lady, made young and old generations participate, garbled in the most popular entertaiment unit in Japan's history. 


Rock On The Range
Rock On The Range

Such boom to become a social phenomenon, in many cases, overpass the speculation of the party. Pink Lady and also BABYMETAL, there is a similar flow. 


If we explore the reasons with the latest tour, first of all the girls are cute on the stage. If you look from a small child, Pink Lady also BABYMETAL, they are a beautiful older sister. Not only to men, also tiny children like an Oneesan. 


The dancing. The movement is interesting (and is reflected in the little children), because they want to imimate. The intense rhythm of heavy metal is unexpected for the children, might be an easy tick and easy to ride. 


Of course, you can put gore in common with systemic Heavy Metal, or wear a stiff leather jacket with studs, use horrible corpse paint makeup. Still there is a cute girl singing a catchy melody dancing vigorously; from "Gimme Chocolate" to "Akumu No Rondo", the catchy point is that is still cute.


Although will be depending of the upcoming songs, there is possibility of BABYMETAL to enlarge the monster across gender, race, country and generations than ever.




Report by: JCC News.

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

Information - Pink Lady

Japanese female pop music duo of the late 1970s and early 1980s, featuring Mitsuyo Nemoto and Keiko Masuda. Pink Lady is one of only two Japanese artists to have reached the Billboard Top 40, hitting #37 with the single "Kiss in the Dark"


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