BABYMETAL at METROCK #5 in the WWS Top 10 of Music Festivals in Japan 2015

WWS Announced the Popularity Top 10 of the 2015 Music Festival in Japan featured on WWS Channel. WWS Channel featured most of the most important Japanese Music Festivals in 2015 like LUNATIC Fest, Kishidan Expo, Rock In Japan Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Festival and more. BABYMETAL was part of the METROCK Fest on May 24 and reached the Top 5 in popularity in 2015. Check the Top 10 below.


BABYMETAL at Tokyo Metropolitan Rock Festival featured on WWS Channel

BABYMETAL at Tokyo Metropolitan Rock Festival was featured in the WWS Top 10 of Music Festivals held in Japan during 2015 featuring the biggest Festivals in the country with bands like X-JAPAN, GLAY, Seikima II, groups like Momoiro Clover Z or Perfume. BABYMETAL played at METROCK on May 24 in between its World Tour 2015. Read the Show Report of BABYMETAL at METROCK, here



1) LUNATIC Fest featuring X-JAPAN, Buck-Tick and GLAY mobilized 60.000 people. 

2) Kishidan Expo 2015 Special featuring Seikima II, Momoiro Clover Z, and Golden Bomber mobilized 44.000 people

3) Dream Festival 2015 featuring B'z, J Soul Brothers and X-JAPAN mobilized 33.000 people

4) Rock In Japan Festival with Perfume, Golden Bomber, miwa plus another 184 artists gathered in total 250.000 people


5) METROCK Festival 2015 featuring, Maximun  The Hormone, Perfume and BABYMETAL mobilized 40.000 people

During May 23 and May 24 the urban J-Rock Festival at Shinkiba-Wakasu Park Tokyo Metropolitan Rock Festival 2015 aka METROCK was held. Plenty of young people visited the venue blessed with good weather and intoxicated with rock sound that flowed out in the lush park. The WWS Channel delivered a live report about Maximun The Hormone and Perfume on May 23 and on May 24 of BABYMETAL and Zainichi Funk.  


6) Premium dinner show, Toshl of X-JAPAN, Dine & Concert 2015 at Hotel New Otani 

7) Love In Action Meeting held by Japanese Red Cross Society at Nippon Budokan gathered 16.000 people

8) Niku Festival 2015 at Saitama Super Arena with Spyair as headliner band. 

9) Japan JAM Beach 2015 held at Makuhari Beach featuring Kana-Boom, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

10) Love Box 2015 featuring Generations from Exile Tribe, Shota Shimizu, Da-iCE at the National Yoyogi Stadium. 




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Translation by: Maik Gianino

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