WWS Live Report: The Hybrid BABYMETAL at Countdown Japan 15/16

WWS wrote a new Live Report about BABYMETAL, this time WWS followed BABYMETAL to Makuhari Messe in Chiba for their performance at Countdown Japan 15/16 on December 28. BABYMETAL played a new song "Karate Soiya" (Tentative Name) and some of their classics like "Gimme Chocolate", "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" and "Road Of Resistance". Read the full live report from Makuhari Messe translated below. 


BABYMETAL returns to Countdown Japan 15/16, WWS Live Report

Fox Advent! New generation of J-Pop and Heavy Metal hybrid, BABYMETAL, appeared at Countdown Japan 15/16


Was formed in the 2010, BABYMETAL. In 2013 did the major debut, in 2014 played the first World Tour, and stablished the existence of a new metal sound that captivated the world. Beyond the soul that has been inherited by the metal master, beyond the wall of words, beyond the generations, they landed in the land of Countdown Japan! 


From the spectacular sight of the hall there is a large number of audience packed  trying to see the glance of BABYMETAL at Earth Stage, since before the live start they already filled it cheering "BABYMETAL!". The name was displayed in the screen, we welcomed the world's hot metal dance unit to make the apprearance in the stage! The three BABYMETAL wearing a red and black dress costume. Su-Metal (Vocals and Dance), Yuimetal (Screams and Dance) and Moametal (Screams and Dance) are going to overwhelm the audience with the FOX sign while they are backed with the ultra-high-speed trascenental playing of the Kami Band in white shrouds shape.


The indie debut "Doki Doki Morning" is running violently everywhere, ran, a running spree! And... contrary to the lovely lyrics inflame the indescribable gap with the heavy bass and rock sound. The exquisite feeling have the presence that transends  the pop and metal.  The next song is the one i've been waiting for so long, you can not forget it after you listen it once, "Gimme Chocolate". Incandescent red riding clapping momentum fed out on stage, "Are you ready!? Come on!! Countdown Japan!!", Su-Metal screaming in high spirits. 


And we don't missed the Kami Band in the end of the year. Like a tradicional Japanese song in a Metal version for the New Year "Catch Me If You Can". "Moo iikai? Maada da yo!" "Oni-san kochira, te no naru hoo e." (Hey are you ready? Hey, tagger, here i am. Come toward my clapping) The lyrics remain a sense of nostalgia when you listen. One heavy song and dance leads one to another. In a karate pose "Seiya! Soiya!". Then unveiling the popular live classic "Ijime, Dame, Zettai", everything is fired up. Another round of clapping in the venue, turbulent FOX signs hitting. And as if unleashing all, the excitment reached the highest of the hall with the Dame Jump of the three Metal girls. 


Then "Megitsune", from "Kitsune, Kitsune" to "Sore! Sore! Sore! Sore!". The usual Kitsune mask appeared, also the audience showed a full scream. Later in their set the BABYMETAL flags to play "Road Of Resistance". Powerfull, reveling the brave voice of Su-Metal until the end. 


"We Are BABYMETAL!!", it's still unknown the success of BABYMETAL that made them jump over the lines of countries and genres, the World Tour to be held in 2016 was decided, will involve the vortex of enthusiasm all over the world this year. 




WWS Live Report by: Izumi.

Photos by: Rockin'on

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.


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