JCC Report: "Yuimetal, an unprecendented metal dancer"

JCC News from Japan, wrote a new report about BABYMETAL, the last one published and translated here was about the marketing techniques (read here). Now JCC wrote a report about Yui Mizuno "Yuimetal", a very good article about Yui as metal dancer, her dancing skills, her charm and also about Moa Kikuchi as her partner and Mikiko as teacher and choreographer, very recommended read. Read the full report translated below. 


JCC News Japan about Yuimetal's dancing skills 

The charism of BABYMETAL

Although is not completely a dance unit, still BABYMETAL's dance as individual movement is wonderful, yet ingenious, much more than can be seen. 


Seeing the sentiment, is pleasant.


In particular Yuimetal, Yui Mizuno.

Anyway her dancing is very skilled. Originally she began in Sakura Gakuin, at that time Yui Mizuno was a Fifth Grade Elementary School student, her dancing skills were extraordinary. 


At first the girls of both sides (Yuimetal and Moametal) were told to become BABYMETAL, and more and more people became aware of the high dancing skills of Yuimetal


Her dancing is unique. Dancing was thought to move the body with the rhythm. But Yuimetal is different somehow. The rhythm moves the body, incorporating the rhythm into the body, the hands and the feet, are the "expression" of the rhythm using every corner of the body until the fingertips. Moreover, her preeminent "sharp" is distinctive. To the eye of what you see she nails it. 


It's difficult to write this in sentences but for example: 1, 2, 3, 4 assuming that is rhythm. Normally 1, 2, 3, 4 it's an order to move the body.


But in the case of Yuimetal for example: 1, 2, 3..... 4 and there is a movement. The "....." it's an unique sump. And moving all at once from the 4. Reflecting the cleaning in the surprised viewer. Strongly impressed in the interlude part of the song called "Uki Uki Midnight", the dancing is like an Embu of Karate, having a strong impression of that.


To realize such vigorous and precise movements, there is a sense of the rhythm of course, and a strenght in order to move quickly, strenght to stop the movements at one moment, and also strenght in the body to not shake during a violent movement, those things become important. The grasp power is distinctive, for those dancing skills, are needed splendid physical habilities.


This is a rare kind of talent, nothing more than the result of tireless efforts. Also, likely comes a teacher of Japanese traditional dance to your relatives, and perhaps taking over exerts the DNA. The result is Yuimetal, an unprecendented metal dancer, a midst of outstanding true talent. 


And by the way Moametal. And because she dance along with the dance genius, Moametal also has been very great. Especially in her debut, it's undeniable the sugary impression of Moametal's dancing compared with Yuimetal.  Cannot be helped. Yui Mizuno at those days when attended to the dance school had original talent, while Moametal gained lessons in Sakura Gakuin, because she was almost amateur at that time. 


But today, the two girls dance in a synchro rate almost close to 100%. The synchro degree, also became an attractive of BABYMETAL. There was a big Moametal's effort, but also this girl Moa Kikuchi, has the gift of extraordinary profesionalism. 


Thus BABYMETAL, even from the viewer side of the dancing, it's a very charming unit. 


Another one of the major elements that characterize the dancing on BABYMETAL is the effect of the choreographer Mikikometal, Mikiko the teacher and director choreographer (real name Mikiko Mizuno). 


Mikikometal was born in Hiroshima, is dancer, model and choreographer. At ASH (Actors School Of Hiroshima) met Perfume. And then moved to Amuse along with Perfume. Later, she is the responsible of CM and stage, Karen Girl's, Sakura Gakuin, and choreographer of BABYMETAL


The unique dance of BABYMETAL consists in that it's produced from the original pursuit of the Japanese-ness. Of course, to catch the 100% of ingenious choreography, the girls achievements in the stage are amazing. However, that influential person with great talent supporting their backs like Mikikometal became in the major factor of BABYMETAL to marching forward. 




JCC News Japan.

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

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  • #1

    Stuart Naylor (Tuesday, 05 January 2016 22:55)

    Mikiko was definitely the choreographer needed to highlight thie boundless energy of Yui and Moa. I've admired her unique dance style since learning about her at the beginning of Perfumes ' career. She is definitely the right choreographer for Yui and Moa , and for Babymetal as a whole.

  • #2

    G. Dale (Wednesday, 13 January 2016 10:19)

    I agree with all of this. I also want to point out that Suzuka is an amazing dancer as well, handling both the lead vocal duties and the choreography while on stage. This isn't easy. She also sets the cues for both Moa and Yui while on stage. If she is ever off, they are off, too. Su does a great job. Also, she is a great "big sister" and role model of professionalism for the younger two, working well with both of them since they joined Sakura Gaukin in mid-2010 as 10-year-olds!

  • #3

    KJ (Monday, 15 January 2018 11:40)

    It's clear that the writer isn't much of a dancer, Dances are usually in counts of 8. Yui's sharpness of dance is more a stylistic choice of her own at this level of dance.. She's absolutely a great dancer but she isn't without her faults. It becomes really clear that she relies entirely on choreography and lacks the natural feel of music to just spontaneous make it her own. If you look very closely, Moa and Suzuka are more in sync when their dances sync up then Yui and Moa usually are,

    Mikiko has outright stated that Suzuka is the most natural born dancer of the group.. Going as far as calling her a dancer she's never seen before. For a dancer/choreographer of her experience, that's quite a statement. If you watched Mikiko's career, she's quite the tough critic and not readily give out compliments. She also mentions how Suzuka doesn't need to even use counts, she just learns the choreography by listening to music. In addition, Su adds little parts to her choreography during her performances that Mikiko praised and approves of. Mikiko is sort of a control freak and for her to approve of changes to her choreography is something not to be taken lightly. This level of talent isn't something that you can learn and is so rare.. The fact that the writer outright omits Su is incredibly questionable, makes it seem like a fan wrote the piece, I do understand giving all the girl's a best skill/talent/quality but... people aren't give Su enough credit as a dancer so as far to not even mentioning her. Mikiko of all people would know best.