Sakura Gakuin announce "The Road To Graduation 2015 Final" 

Sakura Gakuin announced throught the details of the Graduation Event to take place in Kanagawa on March 27 where Students Council President Rinon Isono, Ooga Saki and Shirai Saki will graduate from Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2015. Check the post below for more details. 


Sakura Gakuin graduation performance will take place on March 27

Sakura Gakuin announced the details of the Graduation event "The Road To Graduation 2015 Final", the Sakura Gakuin 2015 Graduation, to take place at the Kanagawa Prefectural Hall on March 27. 


The Nendo 2015 Third Graders Rinon Isono (Students Council President), Ooga Saki and Shirai Saki will graduate in the last performance of the Fiscal Year 2015. 


Sakura Gakuin announced three different type of seats, VIP Seats, Seats A and Seats B.

VIP Seats tickets come with a Memorial Ticket, autographed T-shirt as souvenir. 


The Road To Graduation 2015 Final - Sakura Gakuin 2015 Graduation 

March 27, 2016 (Sunday) at Kanagawa Prefectural Hall. 

Open Doors: 16:00 Japanese Time

Start: 17:00 Japanese Time


Seats Prices: 

VIP Seats (Premium Tickets) ¥ 18,000 (with Memorial ticket / souvenirs) 

A seat: ¥ 8,950

B seat: ¥ 6,800


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