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Wednesdays for our community are Kami Band Wednesdays, is the Kami Band Day and our sixth biography is about Kami Band God of Drums, Yuya Maeta. Read below our extensive biography about Maeta-San, Doramu No Kami. 

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Knowing Doramu No Kamisama Yuya Maeta

Yuya Maeta was born on May 11 of 1983 in Tottori Prefecture. 

Yuya started to play drums at the age of 14. He also started his first bands experience around the same year in 1997.  


During 2005 Yuya moved to Tokyo at the age of 23 and started to work as session drummer in Roppongi Rock Bar, "Rock Factory". In the same year he joined Avex


Three years later, in 2008 Yuya successfully passed the audition of the popular "Blue Man Group in Tokyo". He performed as one of the percussionists, in the same group was included Hisahi from the band Glay. Yuya Maeta performed a great number of shows. In addition, the same year he appeared on NHK BS2 "Kareinaru Shou No Sekai"


During 2009 Maeta joined Indie Label "Rock And Roll Records” and played for the band "Antikaruna" lead by the guitarist Satoshi Ogawa who returned to Japan from Canada in 2008. In 2009 "Antikaruna" was created with Satoshi in Guitars, Haruka Matsumoto in vocals, Hiroshi Nomaguchi in Bass and Yuya Maeta in Drums.


With Antikaruna released on May 15 of 2009 "Mind Cage" Single, and later on August 7 the 1st Mini Album of the band called "A False Distinction". The Mini Album including 6 tracks featuring songs like: "Mind Cage", "Faded", "Just Like A Spider's Web" and more.. (A False Distinction on CD Japan) Around 2010 "Antikaruna" ended. 


In 2011 Yuya launched a new project, a new rock band called "Navras"


In 2013 Yuya had his first experience in United States; he attended to the "Total Access Studio" for the US band called "Fallen Riviera" when he recorded arrangements.


In 2014 he joined BABYMETAL Kami Band as "God Of Drums". Maeta debuted on June 24 of the same year at Tsutaya O-East for Apocrypha II. After that he played with BABYMETAL Kami Band during the US shows in Los Angeles at The Fonda Theater, and Opening shows for Lady Gaga during July and August of 2014 closing the North American leg playing at Heavy Montreal in Canada on August 9. 


Following those shows with BABYMETAL, Maeta played again in the first show of the World Tour 2014 closing shows at Makuhari Messe on September 13, and the 2 shows of the Back  To The US/UK Tour on November 4 in New York City and November 8 at Brixton Academy in London, England, which at the moment was his last show as God Of Drums


In the same year, Yuya started to perform with Marty Friedman's band, joining another BABYMETAL Kami Band member in the lineup, Takayoshi Ohmura. He performed with Marty's band at Loud Park 2014 and other performances during 2014 and 2015 featuring also Summer Sonic 2015 in Osaka at the Flower Stage.  


In May of 2015 joined the solo project of the guitarist "RENO" being part of the recording process for "Kanjani". Also Yuya performed a few performances in June. Also on May 20 was released the BABYMETAL's "World Tour 2014 Apocalypse" and "BABYMETAL World Tour 2014, Live In London" featuring Yuya's participation with the band in the US leg of the Tour and the performance at Brixton Academy in London, England. In May also, Yuya started to perform with LIV MOON, along with Takayoshi Ohmura who was already member of the band. His first show was at Pure Rock Japan Live on May 31 of the same year. 


On June 8 of the same year, Maeta held a Drum Seminar for the ESP Music School Tokyo


On July 22 performed once again in United States as support drummer for the band "Breaking Arrows" at Hollywood Le Disko in Los Angeles. 


On September 9 held his first Drum Seminar for Sonor Drum Station at Ikebe Musical Instruments Show in Akihabara along with his brother Shuki Maeta. The seminar worked to introduce him to SONOR's family. He showed the equipment, and held a Question & Answers. (Read more here). 


On October 24 was featured in the issue number 300 of Rhythm and Drums Magazine. 


In November performed with RENO "Tour 2015 Guitar Life-Universe", 3 shows mini-tour. On November 30 played with BABYMETAL Kami Band members BOH and Mikio Fujioka at Showboat with their new project together called "Kari Band" (Provisional Band). (Read more here). 


Closing 2015, on December 26 was announced as one of the SONOR Newcomers; Yuya Maeta was announced as part of the SONOR's family. Also on December 26 Yuya Maeta joined the support band for Momoko Kanade's "Good Morning Dictator". 


In 2016, on January 9 joined Takayoshi Ohmura's band on "New Year's Celebration - The Gathering Of Metal Warriors" at Club 1ne2wo.


On February 21, at Shibuya JZ Brat in Tokyo Kami Band members Mikio Fujioka, BOH and Yuya Maeta held the second live show of their project "Kari Band". The double performance took place in Shibuya at 14:30 Japanese Time starting the first show and the second one started at 19:00 Japanese Time. The successful sold out performance ended with a very important announcement the release their debut album. 


On March 6 joined once again with Liv Moon to performn live with the band. 


On April 28 joined for very first time Isao Fujita's band Spark7. Yuya played 3 of 4 shows of Spark7's Tour from April 28 to May 4.


On June 1 Yuya Maeta confirmed his appearance on drums on the 1st Single of Rie Murakawa "Sweet Sensation".


On July 6 Yuya Maeta was interviewed by Accordo from Italy to talk about his current activities including his role as God Of Drums in BABYMETAL as backup of Hideki Aoyama. He talks about the process of their rehearsals, learning the songs and playing with BABYMETAL. (Read here


On October 15 God Of Guitar Isao Fujita and God Of Drums Yuya Maeta performed at "Ultimates, Dismantling Shinsho" at Hatsudai The Doors the in game music of the popular RPG game Final Fantasy. They were  joined by Kamatsu on Keyboards and Yusuke Morita on Bass.


With Kari Band Maeta performed at the Portable Audio Festival Live 2016 (also known as Pota Fes Live) in Tokyo on November 5.


By the end of the year, on December 11 Yuya Maeta played with Liv Moon at Harajuku Astro for "RED Revolution" performance.


In 2017, on March 6 Yuya along with BOH and Mikio announced the Debut CD of their project "Kari Band". The CD "Demo" was announced to be released on April 26 featuring 6 tracks. (Read more here)


Isao Fujita performed along with Komatsu (Keyboard), Yasuke Morita (Bass) and Kami Band Yuya Maeta (Drums) at Kichijoji Silver Elephant on March 23 for a new appeareance of "Ultimates". 


To be continued...





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"Mind Cage" - Antikaruna

Kari Band at Showboat 

Marty Friedman Band

BABYMETAL at Brixton Academy 

Report by: Maik Gianino

Sources: Yuya's Wikipedia, Ikebe-Gakki, Last FM, notes by the author. 

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