Photographer about his first encounter with Suzuka Nakamoto at Actors School Of Hiroshima

The Japanese site Nanapi published an interview with the Phogorapher "Take-San" who shared his thoughts about photos he took of Kanna Hashimoto and his special encounter with BABYMETAL's lead vocalist Suzuka Nakamoto "Su-Metal" while she was in Actors School Of Hiroshima. Read an excerpt of the interview translated and her performance at ASH below. 


Take-San: " shocked when I saw Suzuka Nakamoto" 

Take-San says in the interview that after seeing Perfume, he went to visit Perfume's members school (Actors School Of Hiroshima) were they enrolled, and when he met the talent of Suzuka Nakamoto was shocked. At first he wanted to record her appearance but he didn't so he thought to take photos and do nothing more than left his camera in hand and watch.


Read an excerpt from Nanapi about Take-San experience taking photos of Kanna Hashimoto and Suzuka Nakamoto at Actors School Of Hiroshima below: 


Take-San took photos of Kanna Hashimoto, who is considered as a beauty discovered once in a thousand years.

He became a shutterbug because of Suzuka Nakamoto when she was in ASH.

Charm of Idols and camera by Take-San who photographed that miracle shot. 


2008 - Take-San photography
2008 - Take-San photography

Kanna Hashimoto, Rev. from DVL, is called to be a beauty found once in a thousand years.

The picture, which a man whose name is Take from Hakata took, made her destiny change from an Idol in a rural area.


People have different reasons to become a shutterbug.

But many have the same reason to become one because they like cameras, don't they?

However, Take-san didn't have an interest in cameras and had another strong encounter to become one.


Encounter with Suzuka Nakamoto

Idols with different personalities come and go lately.

One absolute condition to become an Idol is to grasp the heart of their fans at first sight. 


Take-san: "My first Idol was Perfume. 

I went see Actors School Hiroshima where they belonged and got shocked when I saw Suzuka Nakamoto.

First, I was thinking of videotaping her, but I didn't feel right.

Then, I picked up my camera to take pictures of her leaving memories."


Currently (he says) Suzuka Nakamoto is Su-Metal from the group called BABYMETAL and has been active around the world. At the time he met her was just an elementary student and of course most of the people didn't know her existence. However, she was co-star with Lady Gaga, and she facinated the world. 




Translation and help: Jun-metal


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