BABYMETAL at Countdown Japan 15/16 goods details announced

BABYMETAL announced the merchandise details for their last show of the year at Makuhari Messe on December 28 for Countdown Japan 15/16 at the Earth Stage.  The announcement features a new T-shirt "Revelation"! Check the details below.


BABYMETAL releases a new T-shirt for Countdown Japan 15/16! 

BABYMETAL announced the goods details for Countdown Japan 15/16 featuring a new T-Shirt. The items will be available at the venue (Makuhari Messe) on December 28. 


Selling Time:

December 28 (Monday)

From 09:30 to 20:30 Japanese Time


Point Of Sale: 

Makuhari Messe Hall 9 to 11. 


BABYMETAL items available up to one per person. 

There is a possibility to change the selling time without any notice due weather and readiness. 

There is limited number of products. 



Price: 3500Yen (Tax included)

Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL


BABYMETAL Crash Logo Towel

Price: 2000Yen (Tax included)


THE ONE Hood Towel + Membership

3500Yen (Tax included)


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