Happy Birthday messages to Suzuka Nakamoto from Sakura Gakuin Graduates on Social Networks

Sakura Gakuin Graduates sent Happy Birthday messages to Suzuka Nakamoto on Twitter and Instagram. Graduates Ayami Muto, Hana Taguchi, Hinata Sato, Iida Raura, Yunano Honjyo and Sakura Gakuin Teachers Room (Sakura Shokuin) sent messages to Suzuka but also her great friend and former Karen Girl's Yuika Shima sent a lovely message to Su-Metal.

Read all the messages translated below. 


Messages from Ayami, Hana, Hinata, Iida, Yunano, Yuika and Sakura Gakuin to Su! 

Ayami Muto: 

"The other day, when I informed several guys of my hiatus, Suu-chan was the first person who got back to me. A girl who had had no experience in singing met Suu-chan thanks to Karen Girls', was really moved by your singing, hoped to be a good singer like you, and came so far. Everything is thanks to you. Truely.


That Suu-chan said, she now admires me. She said she wants to be close to me forever. Even if Suu-chan becomes out of my league, there is something only I can do for Suu-chan that encourages her. So, I must come back to show new Ayami. I swear. Best wishes for your Tokyo Dome concert! Congratulations on your 18th birthday!!"


Hana Taguchi: 

"Congratulations on your Birthday Suu-san.

I'm grateful for having come in touch with you at an unexpected place. You call me 'Taguchi-shi'but don't you mean 'Taguchi-deth'? (Laughs). Please visit Asakusa again.

Hope you have wonderful 18 years-old-days. (°Д°) That Suu-san is already 18.



Hinata Sato:

"It's the beginning of 'Three consecutive Birthdays streak with three days interval' lol (Dec 20 Suzuka / Dec 23 Hinata / Dec 26 Airi)

There are no one but Nene and Suu-san who dare to have a frolic with mischivous Hinata❤

I hope a year ahead will be a birth-year of a new résistance..."



Iida Raura: 

"Suu, congratulations on your 18th birthday.

BABYMETAL and SU-METAL are always revolving. You are really awesome♡ I just can't help but admire you.

I'll keep supporting you.

Hope you have a wonderful year ahead.



Yuika Shima: 

"Happy birthday SU-METAL!

Three of you are going to have concerts on big stages. Please take good care of yourself so as not to get breakdown! I'm always with you! Can't wait the Tokyo Dome concert.

I hope that today is the beginning of a wonderful year full of happiness for you."


Yunano Honjyo: 

"Happy Birthday Suu-san!

Suu-san is greatly flourishing all over the world!! I'm so proud of myself for having been with Suu-san at Sakura Gakuin.

I hope a year ahead will be a wonderful year for you.

By the way, I dropped in Shibuya on my way home.

I bought 'Tokyo Ghoul:re' and 'Noragami' in Animate♡

I remember I had gone mad when I bought the previous episode of 'Tokyo Ghoul:re' and couldn't get the name-card of SUzuya Juuzo-kun. (Laughs)"



"Today (Dec 20) is the 18th birthday of Nakamoto Suzuka (SU-METAL)! She is always challenging herself to conquer the world, but she never looks distant from us, even though she looks bigger and bigger. Congratulations on your birthday. BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2016 confirmed! Nendo 2012 Graduate." 




Translation by: Onji Kobe

Translation notes:

Shi氏: A suffix for respect.

Deth: 'Death'. Probably a typo made by Hana.


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