2015.12.19 - BABYMETAL on J-Wave Ana World Air Current

BABYMETAL interviewed on J-Wave Ana World Air Current on December 9, but wasn't published until December 19. The girls talked about past experiences at La Cigale in France for Yuimetal Seitansai and Cologne Moametal Seitansai. Also talked about Lady Gaga, Reading and Leeds Festivals. Su-Metal mentioned she wants to visit countries with BABYMETAL that they didn't visited yet. Check the photos published by Taro Hakase below. 


Taro Hakase exclusive interview with BABYMETAL on J-Wave Radio

BABYMETAL was interviewed on December 9 by the popular violinist Taro Hakase on J-Wave Ana World Air Current, but wasn't until December 19 when the interview and photos from the Radio were published. Taro Hakase is a Japanese musician specialist in violin who also is a great music composer. BABYMETAL in previous interviews (Read here) mentioned their interest to meet him and work with him in new music, this meeting it's a sign of a future collaboration? Only The FOX GOD Knows! 


In the interview the girls talked about the experiences in the World Tour 2014 and World Tour 2015. But also mentioned their first tie in New York City on May of 2014 where they visited many interesting places and attended to Lady Gaga's show at Madison Square Garden. Yuimetal talked about her experience at La Cigale in France for Legend Y, while Moametal talked about her experience in Cologne, Germany for Legend M in 2014. 


Su-Metal mentioned the experience of playing in New York and London closing the World Tour 2014, the Kerrang Awards 2015, and her wish the play in different countries during the World tour 2016 which kick off on April 2 at Wembley Arena in London, England.

Watch the full interview translated with English subtitles below. 

Translation and Subtitles by: Thomas Malone

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