Su-Metal interviewed on Kerrang! "Kerristmas Khaos All Star Issue"

Suzuka Nakamoto as Su-Metal was interviewed by Kerrang Magazine latest issue "Kerristmas Khaos All Star Issue" featuring special interviews with highlighted artists of 2015. Su-Metal talked about her experience at Reading and Leeds Festivals, doing her first speech in English in the Relentless Kerrang! Awards, meeting Metallica, Wembley Arena show in April and more. Also Kerrang! Magazine released comments of its staff about BABYMETAL's 2015. Check the high quality scans below. 


Su-Metal on Reading/Leeds, Relentless Kerrang! Awards on Kerrang! Magazine 

-When Metallica are queuing up for a photo, you know you've made it... 


BABYMETAL have had an enormous year. What's been your personal highlight? Have any shows or places you've visited stood out, both in the UK and around the world? 

Su-Metal: "Definitely Reading & Leeds Festivals! We were the opening act of the day on the main stage. At first there were not a log of people watching us, but then more and more gathered it our stage. It was a really precious experience for me as i could really feel the excitement of the crowd conveyed through the way they responded to our music and performance." 


You stopped by this year's Relentless Kerrang! Awards, and picked up the Spirit Of Independence Award. How wsa that evening for you?

Su-Metal: "I was super nervous as i had to do a speech in English for the very first time! But everyone smiled and clapped for me and i felt at ease. We also got to meet and speak to so many other famous artists like All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon, Marilyn Manson, Judas Priest and many more." 


Getting a photo with BABYMETAL has been a highly sought-after souvenir for rock bands this year. Which band or rockstar has been your personal favourite to meet, and why?

Su-Metal: "Metallica! I still can't forget the effect Metallica had over me the first time i saw them live. They are the reason we started learning about metal, when we play Metallica's song before our concerts the fans also go crazy! I think Metallica is an important presence not just for BABYMETAL, but also to our fans." 


Read and check the whole interview and more details of the latest Kerrang! Magazine featuring comments of BABYMETAL's 2015 by Kerrang's Staff members. 


Scans courtesy of: The Thrawn.

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