BABYMETAL #64 in the "Top 100 Female Fronted Albums of 2015" of Headbangers Latinoamerica 

BABYMETAL was featured in the year end "Top 100 Female Fronted Albums of 2015" of the Rock and Metal site Headbangers Latinoamerica. BABYMETAL's album reached the spot number 64 of 500 bands! The post below also includes a really interesting announcement of the Latin American site. Check the announcement translated and the Top 10 bands of the list! 

BABYMETAL featured on Headbangers Latinoamerica 

BABYMETAL was included in the Top 100 Female Fronted Albums of 2015 in the Latin American Rock and Metal site Headbangers Latinoamerica. From a list of 500 bands, BABYMETAL reached the spot 64. 

Headbangers Latinoamerica annoucement:

"Having women leading a band, it has become in an increasingly attractive element to the scene, providing the opposite side to the heavy sound, and if we to this the undoubted vocal talent, we are talking about very strong element, winning every day more followers and supportes... The Female Fronted is not a subgenre itself, because the are girls in thrash, power, syphonic bands, etc. So the term does relative to the main ingredient, having a talented woman in front of the band... This Top is an homage to women, implying that the rock and metal genre is open and non-sexist. 

So we invite you to check our Top best 100 Albums, shortlisted from a total list of 500 bands who released albums this year 2015 and were voted by you (the listeners and bands followers). The top voted went straight to the top of the list, but previously were sorted according to the criterion of our specialized staff..."

01-Nightwish "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"

02-Halestorm "Into The Wild Life"

03-The Agonist "Eye Of Providence"

04-Ethernity "Obscure Illusions"

05-Draconian "Sovran"

06-Sirenia "The Seventh Life Path"

07-Egregor "Karma"

08-Weeping Silence "Opus IV Obvlivion"

09-Once Human "The Life I Remember"

10-Conquer Divide "Conquer Divide" 


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