Classic Rock Magazine: "BABYMETAL: What is it all about?"

BABYMETAL was featured in the latest issue of Classic Rock Magazine with "The Best Of The Year 2015" featuring artists like Jimmy Page, Dave Grohl of Foo Figthers, Lemmy of Motorhead, David Bowie, Iron Maiden and many more! Read and check the scans of the content related with BABYMETAL below. 


BABYMETAL on Classic Rock Magazine "The Best Of The Year 2015"

BABYMETAL was featured in the best of the year 2015 of Classic Rock Magazine of Team Rock among with Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones, BB King, The Pope Francis and many more! 

"BABYMETAL: What is it all about?"

How did three Japanese schoolgirls dancing in front of an anynymous thrash metal band become the most talked-about rock group of the year?

Ginger: "I think, as with Rammstein, that a bunch of very smart foreigners looked at the UK and thought, "There's fuck all going on over there, let's go and have it!" Wether it's a novelty or not, they're entertainning the fuck out of people."

Jaren: "I'm a big metal fan and someone sent me a Youtube clip saying, "You have to see this shit! I thought, "This has to be a joke", and then the music started and it was like, "Whoa!"

Tiff: "I saw them at an awards show earlief this year and everyone went mental for them. I thought they were cool as fuck. Maybe it's a damning indictment of the scene that someone just doing something different can attract such attention. Let's see what happens next. Luck gets you far, but talent will kee you  there."

Mick: "They obviously inspire love or hate, but at least they've got noticed." 


Scans courtesy of: The Thrawn

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