"Sakura Gakuin 5th Anniversary Live 'For You'" goods details 

Sakura Gakuin announced officially on its Website the Merchandise details for the Sakura Gakuin 5th Anniversary to take place on December 5 (Saturday) and December 6 (Sunday). In addition the new Single "School Days 2015" Cover was revelead!

Details of the new items available below. 

Sakura Gakuin 5th Anniversary goods details announced

Sakura Gakuin 5th Anniversary will take place on December 5 and December 6 at KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre Hall and also will feature a Live Viewing event through Live Viewing Japan for those who can't attend to the celebration at KAAT. 


December 5 (Saturday) Open Doors: 17:15 - Start: 18:00 JST

December 6 (Sunday) Open Doors: 17:15 - Start: 18:00 JST

Priority Pre-Sale:

Starts: 13:00 to 15:30 JST (for two days) 

Sale available only one person at time, it is possible to get again the sales floor later. 

Normal Pre-Sale:

Starts: 15:45 to 16:45 JST (for two days)

*Limited quantity of items, there is a possibility of sold out the goods during the Priority Pre-Sale, please note. 

*During Normal Pre-Sale it's available to buy goods without ticket for the event. 


Place planned near the entrance or near the lobby. Please check the details the day of the event. 

Point of sales and sales time could be changed due weather and readiness, please check the details the day of the event. Please note. 


*Sakura Gakuin 5th Anniversary Parker

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Price: ¥ 4,500- (tax included)

*Sakura Gakuin 5th Anniversary Glass

Price: ¥ 1,500- (tax included)

"Sakura Gakuin 5th Anniversary Live 'For You'" Pin badge

Price: ¥ 800- (tax included)

"Sakura Gakuin 5th Anniversary Live 'For You'" Sticker

Price: ¥ 300- (tax included)

Red Brick Photo Set 2015 (13 Pieces Set)

Price: ¥ 2,500- (tax included)

After School Photo Set Fiscal 2015 (5 Sets)

Price: ¥ 1,500- (tax included)

Sakura Gakuin official stationery "Shabo X ST3 Set" 

The Set includes a Shabo X ST3, core replacement: ESB Core 0.7 black, ESB Core 0.7 Red and sharp part mechanism of 0.5

Price: ¥ 3,800- (tax included)

Sakura Gakuin 5th Anniversary Notebook

Price: ¥ 500- (tax included)

5th Anniversary Video Single "School Days 2015" 

Bluray Price ¥ 4,000- (tax included)

DVD Price ¥ 3,000- (tax included)

Official release: December 8 

Pre-Sale available at the Venue! 

As benefits, panphlets of Sakura Gakuin at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 "Summer Days 2015" 

Photos of the new items below. 

For more details about the goods information and others items available on sakuragakuin.jp