Fan Review: Ayami Muto live at Lalaport in Toyosu, Tokyo

As part of the promotion of her new Live CD "Re:Birth", Ayami Muto played live at Lalaport in Toyosu, Tokyo, Japan on November 3. Ayami did two performances in Toyosu at 13:00 and 16:00 Japanese Time. Our collaborator Hitoshi Sugioka attended to both performances and shared his Fan Review of Ayami Muto live at Lalaport in Toyosu, Tokyo. Read the review below! 

Ayami Muto live at Lalaport in Toyosu, Tokyo, Japan - November 3, 2015

This is the second time i attend to an event at Lalaport in Toyosu. The first time in this year was in March for Sakura Gakuin live event (Fan Review here). But is the first time for me in a Muto Ayami solo event, i could see but mostly listen her performance at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 because Hitoshi was focused to reach Sakura Gakuin performances mostly. From 2014 to the actual days Hitoshi have listened more and more Sakura Gakuin and had the chance to enjoy the beautiful voice of Ayami

After some months found that she released a few albums, the first was a covers album which is very good, and two more albums. In my opinion the second album released this year called I-Pop is a very good Pop Album. 


I was told that she will be hosting a new event to promote her live CD "Re:Birth" at Lalaport in Toyosu, Hitoshi lives near the area so decided to attend because was free and i was free that day. I was lucky to go with a co-worker, she is a great fan of Muto Ayami since Karen Girl's which was a great new for me, i asked if she liked BABYMETAL too but she is not a metal girl but she recognize and is very proud of the success of Suzuka as lead vocalist in the group. 

The day before, was raining! Remember the event at Lalaport ? Sakura Gakuin had to cancel the first performance because of heavy rain, i was anxious but thankfully was a beautiful day for Ayami to celebrate the release of "Re:Birth" Ayami hosted the event at Lalaport in Toyosu on November 3 called "I want to send sound, Memorial Live". I was excited also to know her backing band but the event at Lalaport was Ayami alone with backtracks. 

She did 2 beautiful performances, one dressed in white and skyblue and the other one in salmon and white, she was like a beautiful rose singing for us. 

The first was fast and singing more than anything, while the second was more talkative and fun.

She performed one of my favorite songs "Seventeen" as opening, also "Mirae No Sign" which i think was one of the highlights of the event (personal view), "Eien To Shunkan" in a beautiful ballad version also reached my heart. 

Some fans there mentioned she seemed more confident in the stage compared with previous years and her voice improved also, i can say that her singing was perfect. Considering  Lalaport open stage sometimes could be windy for performers she did a perfect job. 

She mentioned that was very happy celebrating her 19th birthday release with the audience and added the memorial live was a great way to celebrate the release of her Live CD. The reception of the audience was loud and showed all the love as possible to Ayami. She also promoted her last show of the year at Akasaka BLITZ on December 23. I would like to attend because she will perform with her band and i'm really interested to see her performance with a band and how the songs are performed by the musicians.


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The part two of the event was highlighted with the performance of "Parallel World" the Single of I-Pop (please watch the PV!), which was one of the most applauded songs of both shows. Also performed "No. 1 in B flat major communications song", another beautiful performance, Hitoshi never paid attention to this song as the song deserved and i feel ashamed. 

Some people said that a couple of Sakura Gakuin members were around the area but i can't confirm! Who? I wonder who.  

At the end of the event she did a small meet and greet with fans, some had gifts ready for her and was fun to see her face (Laughs!). Also she gave some photo cards with autographs! Newswire posted photos of her cards autographed in this mini tour to promote the Live CD "Re:Birth".  Congratulations to the winners! 

In summary, was a great experience. Toyosu has been very graceful, in December of last year Su-Metal Seitansai, in March Sakura Gakuin and November Muto Ayami! Hitoshi was lucky to attend in the three opportunities.


Now time for BABYMETAL in Yokohama!