BABYMETAL "Women Of The Year 2015", Japanese TV Coverage

BABYMETAL was selected by VOGUE Japan as one of the "Women Of The Year 2015", Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal attended to the Ceremony in Tokyo to receive their deserved award for their overwhelming success in 2015. Japanese TV did a special coverage of the event featuring BABYMETAL, check the Japanese TV Coverage below. 

Japanese TV coverage of BABYMETAL VOGUE Japan "Women Of The Year 2015" 

BABYMETAL was selected by VOGUE Japan as one of the winners of the "Women Of The Year 2015" because showed an overwhelming success in 2015 and a sparkling beauty and love through the year.  VOGUE Japan announced the winners of "Women Of The Year 2015". 

The winners of "Women Of The Year 2015" are: Yoh Yoshida (Actress), Kanako Nishi (Writer), Chitose Abe (Designer), BABYMETAL (Metal Dance Unit), Fukumi Shimura (Dyeing and Weaving Artist), Koharu Sugawara (Dancer), Kanako Watanabe (Swimmer), Suzu Hirose (Actress).

Some Japanese TV programs like ZIP TV of NTV and Hayate Doki of TBS did a special coverage and interviewed BABYMETAL, check the videos below featuring ZIP TV Coverage and interview with BABYMETAL with english subtitles added and Hayate Doki coverage featuring BABYMETAL speeches in the ceremony! 

The post will be updated if more videos or translations come up! Stay tuned! 

ZIP TV, Interview + Coverage 

Translation and Subtitles by: Thomas Malone

TBS Hayate Doki, Interview + Coverage