BABYMETAL Members Project "THE ONE" 2016 announced! 

"May the FOX GOD will be with THE ONE", BABYMETAL announced as expected the details for the new year's membership of THE ONE the BABYMETAL members project for 2016 featuring a new exclusive iteam and several benefits to those who join! Read the details below.

May the FOX GOD will be with THE ONE, membership information 

The BABYMETAL's member project THE ONE started on December of 2014 following the previous project called BABYMETAL Apocalypse Web, for 2015 BABYMETAL THE ONE released an exclusive t-shirt for THE ONE members, for 2016's membership an exclusive Hood Towel! 

The main item, comes also with a sticker with a silver scratch part where the member will find the  code to access to the membership. Each member will find a different code to register in the BABYMETAL members site of THE ONE

4 great benefits of THE ONE: 

-Gives a METAL name to the user

-Pre-Sale tickets 

-Limited edition events

-Limited Edition goods

Pre-Sale  tickets and limited edition events are always followed by lottery, members will not always win. 

For limited edition goods, there is a limited number of items, there are times where will be sold out early. 

Users who bought the membership outside Japan are not guarantee to any of the benefits mentioned above

Expiration date of THE ONE December 31 of 2016

BABYMETAL members project THE ONE Hood Towel + code for registration (comes with the item) will be available for reservation tomorrow November 27 on A!Smart! 


Hood Towel + Registration Code: 

3,500Yen (Tax included)

Learn how to become a BABYMETAL THE ONE Member, 7 Steps Guide, click here

THE ONE on A!Smart

THE ONE Official Website

BABYMETAL THE ONE 2016 Announcement