Watch the new Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL, November 16

New Sakura Gakuin online program on #LoGiRL on November 16 featuring this week Marin Hidaka, Soyoka Yoshida, Maaya Asou, and Rinon Isono on her 15th Birthday! Don't miss a new full program of Sakura Gakuin showing their charms on LoGiRL below! 

Rinon Isono birthday on LoGiRL #36 

New Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL on November 16 featured Marin Hidaka's return after some weeks, along with Soyoka Yoshida, Maaya Asou and Rinon Isono on her 15th Birthday. Also along with them the always great Mori-Sensei. Today's online program was dedicated to play tunes by ear on melodica. 

Watch the special program on Rinon's birthday below!

Video courtesy of our collaborator MissingReel. 

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