JAM Project's Hironobu Kageyama talks about Suzuka Nakamoto and her father

Hironobu Kageyama the popular Japanese singer and original member of JAM Project mentioned his friendship with Suzuka Nakamoto's father in a past Blog post. Check the details about those Hironobu's blog posts, Suzuka performance with JAM Project and information about Suzuka's father below. 


Suzuka's father friend of JAM Project's founder Hironobu Kageyama 

Suzuka Nakamoto performed with JAM Project at Japan Pop Culture Carnival 2013 on November 4 of 2013 as guest artist. Check more details and interview here.

Hironobu Kagayama (Wikipedia) original member of JAM Project mentioned in a past blog post that he attended to his first BABYMETAL concert on June 30 "Legend 1999, Yuimetal and Moametal Seitansai" at NHK Hall before the Rock Beats Cancer Festival where BABYMETAL performed with JAM Project musicians as backing band (Show report here). He also makes mention to emotional moments during the BABYMETAL performance at Nippon Budokan in 2014 (Show reports here, and here), he said he felt like Suzuka was like a daughter for him. 

In addition Hironobu Kageyama in a recent blog post talking about children of his closest friends he said that "Su-chan (Suzuka) of BABYMETAL is the daughter of my Mabudachi (Closest friend)."


According to our investigation and help from collaborators Suzuka's father is bassist, and worked as freelancer musician. Also he played in the Japanese rock band "Hooligans" which released in 1991 the Single "U-Soldier".

In addition played bass for the movie "Gold Rush" released in 1990.  


Sources: Kageyama's blog posts, here, here and here

Hooligans "U-Soldier" Single on Amazon Japan

Gold Rush movie, details here


Photos of Suzuka performing with JAM Project
Photos of Suzuka performing with JAM Project

Special thanks to: Hitoshi Sugioka and Vagabond-Metal