Photos: 2015.10.30 - BABYMETAL "Live In London" & "Live At Budokan" re-release in Europe and Japan

On October 30 were re-released 2 BABYMETAL Live CD, DVD and Bluray "Live In London" featuring the performances at The Forum and at 02 Brixton Academy and "Live At Budokan" featuring the 2 Das at Nippon Budokan. The CD/DVD, DVD and Bluray were re released in Europe via BABYMETAL's label in Europe earMusic but also were re-released as "imported" items in Japan. Check the photos of the re-released items in Europe and Japan below. 

BABYMETAL "Live In London" and "Live At Budokan" re-release photos

BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 "Live In London" featuring the shows at The Forum on July 7 of 2014 and at 02 Brixton Academy on November 8 in DVD and Bluray and "Live At Budokan, Red Night & Black Night Apocalyse" at Nippon Budokan on March 1 and March 2 of 2014 in CD/DVD, DVD and Bluray were re-released in Europe via earMusic and re-released in Japan as "imported" albums. 

In addition "Live At Budokan" CD/DVD featuring "Red Night Apocalypse" was released as Limited Edition with only 10.000 copies available worldwide. Each copy is numbered in the back as you can see in the following photos. 

Photos below courtesy of: Tower Records Nagoya, Tower Records Nuchaya, Tower Records Shinjuku and Vanda Records from Japan. And also courtesy of: Our member Andre Goodhew with a picture from HMV in England, Joe Lewis and Jeremy Graves and many other fans from outside Japan. 

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