BABYMETAL the upsurge in the whirlwind, a look back on the Japanese Heavy Metal scene 

BABYMETAL was featured on Music Book from Japan, they wrote a report about the Japanese Heavy Metal scene through the years starting from LOUDNESS in the 80s to BABYMETAL in 2015. BABYMETAL's popularity is helping the Heavy Metal scene in Japan even helping the overseas bands to perform and be popular in the land of the rising sun. Read the awesome report translated below. 

From LOUDNESS to BABYMETAL, Japanese Heavy Metal through the years

BABYMETAL is advancing overseas, and it's possible that the popularity has raised the Japanese Heavy Metal scene. Strong fanbase often very passionate in this music, the Heavy Metal. Even many people who seems to don't know actually knows? This time has been boosted in Japan, is time to look back on the Heavy Metal scene, let's recognize the Heavy Metal of Japan. 

* The Heavy Metal World leader "LOUDNESS" 

In the middle of the 80s LOUDNESS had played an overseas expansion. Was the first Japanese who stood on the stage of the Madison Square Garden. Has influenced many number of artists, Koshi Inaba (B'z), is part of the LOUDNESS fans variety like Sex Machineguns as well. From 1980 to 1988, in addition has produced a lot of music in a strange melody, there was a tendency of progressive rock. At that time, Heavy Metal wasn't accepted by many people  but in Japan their popularity sold out lives selling 3000 tickets immediately. We believe in their music, a result that raced. 

* Playing as active more than 30 years "Outrage"

Outrage was formed by four Junior High School students in 1982. Already produced original songs since 1983, also started live activities. Placed activities across the country and released a Limited Edition mini Album of 3000 copies in an Independen label in 1987. In the following year they played for a major debut album "Marionette Music", you can buy the album even abroad, both Nuclear Assault and Pantera collaborated, it has been active worldwide. 

* Number of artists and fellowship on "UNITED" 

Althought they formed initially to play Power Metal, they gradually did a transition to Thrash Metal. They also worked as supporting role when overseas bands visited Japan. There is Laaz Rockit (Rāzu Rokitto), also has played with Machine Head, are friendly relations is a wide band. Reached a major debut in 1995, playing with Machine Head in the Japan Tour. 

* The fun music is the charm of "Sex Machineguns"

Sex Machineguns debuted in 1998. The Visual Kei bands were popular at that time, before and after their debut, had offered a strategically Heavy Metal and also a Visual element. Even when received a Mozenbarai (Means receiving something big or reaching something important) and signed for an appearance live, there was also a hard-era. Then they achieved great things, such as playing at Nippon Budokan after one year and half after the debut. Their music and live performances is the charm of Sex Machineguns who amused the audience.

* Now, the most attention is collected by the Heavy Metal Idol "BABYMETAL" 

BABYMETAL was formed in 2010. It is an unique women trio of Idols to compete on Metal. Their lable debut was in 2011, in 2013 released their major debut. In 2014 had a solo live performance at Nippon Budokan, since then their fans increased steadily. Getting attention not only in Japan also overseas. Wow, they had to accompany Lady Gaga on Tour as opening act. In the Reading and Leeds Festivals 2015 held in England in 2015, were the youngest headliners, and mobilized 90000 people in two days. 






We have been in the past of the Japanese Heavy Metal scene, even in that era was said that Heavy Metal was not acceptable in Japan, but precisely because of those artists who pushed forward and continued having passion, now the Heavy Metal of Japan began to be noticed. Music gave us embodies that crossed those borders. We hope the Japanese Heavy Metal keep raising more and more!

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka