2014.02.06 - BABYMETAL after performance interview on Music Station 

BABYMETAL girls were interviewed after their epic "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" performance with Kami Band and Babybones on Music Station on February 6 of 2014. They talk about the experience of attending to Music Station and performing in front of so many artists and also about the future plans of the group. Watch the full interview with english subtitles below. 

BABYMETAL interviewed after their first performance on Music Station 

BABYMETAL played "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" on Music Station at Makuhari Messe on February 6 (Show report here) with Kami Band and Babybones at the same time. After their epic performance they were interviewed about the experience. 

Su-Metal mentioned they were nervous because so many artist were watching them perform but them were doing the Dame Jump along with them felt a sense of comfort. 

Moametal said she watch Music Station for a long time and was really hard to believe they were playing there. 

Yuimetal felt that the 1 hour of Music Station was the fatest hour of her life causing her to be really nervous! 

They also talk about meeting other artist, BABYMETAL beginnings on Sakura Gakuin and  the future plans for 2014.

Watch the full interview with english subtitles below courtesy of Thomas Malone