"New Heritage Of Real Heavy Metal" composers talk about BABYMETAL "Akumu No Rondo" 

Pianist Hitomi Nishiyama's new proejct called "NHORHM" released heavy metal masterpieces in piano covers. The jazz pianist worked in songs by artists like Megadeth, Iron Maiden, BABYMETAL and many more to release a 10 tracks cover CD. She was interviewed on Mikiki to talk about the making process. She did mention to BABYMETAL's song "Akumu No Rondo", read the excerpt of the interview translated below. 

Hitomi Nishiyama "I chose the melody because it's beautiful" 

"New Heritage Of Real Heavy Metal" composers trio Hitomi Nishiyama (Piano, Arragements, Composer). Ryoji Orihara (Bass) and Manabu Hashimoto (Drums) were interviewed on Mikiki to talk about the making process of the CD Covers Album which features covers of Megadeth, Iron Maiden, BABYMETAL and many others. Below an excerpt of the Interview where they talk about BABYMETAL.  


-BABYMETAL "Akumu No Rondo"

Nishiyama: "I took the original basis, I was going to try with "Diamond Dust" of Jeff Beck, but stopped because was already done by others. Since "Diamond Dust" is a Jazz song, I thought to looking for other song instead, 'Akumu No Rondo' is good." 


Orihara: "Doing this will be perverse (Laughs). Originally tried to put the Jeff Beck song, even bringing it here knowing that other people did it." 


Hashimoto: "But someone knew some BABYMETAL songs." 


Nishiyama: "That's right." 


Orihara: "I didn't know them at all."


Nishiyama: "BABYMETAL, the name really surprised me because i never heard it and once I watched various videos on Youtube noticed the band (Kami Band) are skillful. 'This band I wonder who are they?' I just went addicted gradually to watching, was worrisome. I feel like the mummy hunter became the mommy (Laughs). Above all, this song is a tough element with a feeling of squarely metal, I chose the melody because it's beautiful." 



Tax included regular price: 2,700 yen

Label: Apollo Sounds

Release date: October 21, 2015

Name: New Heritage Of Real Heavy Metal

Artist: Hitomi Nishiyama

Where to buy: Tower Records / HMV / Amazon JP /

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Translation by: Maik Gianino