BABYMETAL "Live In London" DVD review by Revival Media UK 

BABYMETAL World Tour 2015 "Live In London" DVD released today in Europe was already reviewed by Revival Media UK. The review is very positive with a very good veredict also. The review starts with the live DVD at The Forum featuring "BABYMETAL Death", "Megitsune", "Gimme Chocolate" and "Akumu No Rondo", while the second live DVD at O2 Brixton Academy features the stage and "Road Of Resistance". Read the full review below. 

Live In London: BABYMETAL World Tour 2014 DVD

It’s safe to say that one of the most controversial metal acts that have been released into the world is Babymetal. Not because of doing something inappropriate, but how they have stapled themselves into a genre has caused a massive cry out of keyboard warriors stating that metal had died due to three Japanese teenagers singing over powerful thrash/heavy metal riffs. This DVD shows off that not only can they smash their craft live in two different parts of London, they can do it whilst putting a smile on your face and make you expand your love of all things music, not just metal. As its a 2 Part DVD, we’re going to split it into two different sections for each live show. 


Originally being at the Electric Ballroom, it now situated at a SOLD OUT Kentish Town Forum. As the intro comes through, calling Babymetal the guardians of heavy metal, they smash straight into a heavy riff intro before ‘BABYMETAL DEATH’ smashes into existence. The whole production and live sound smashes through every single song and shows off their whole range of electronics, band members and the three girls who make the band that little bit special.

Photo by: Dana (Distortion) Yavin
Photo by: Dana (Distortion) Yavin

Even when the girls take off to rest, the band waste no time keeping the audience entertained with each member getting well deserved time in the spotlight to show off accordingly, with guitar solos, bass solos, drum solos and heavy-as-balls riffs. The show is mainly accentuated around the whole idea of blending the many styles together. There are many highlights throughout this set, especially the single focus of Su-metal during the song ‘Rondo Of Nightmare’ but the whole band and girls pull off everything spectacularly.

Watching each of them perform their dance routines to heavy music is delightful. It’s even more enjoyable to watch when the sections of rap and reggae come into the song mixes, but hearing the songs you love such as ‘Megitsune’ and ‘Gimme Chocolate..’ in a live setting and with choreography is just pleasing to the heart. Imagine watching these same songs with a standard heavy metal/metalcore vocalist, it just wouldn’t feel the same as it does here.


Another day, another SOLD OUT show for the group, this time at the illustrious O2 Brixton. Following around the same set formula as their Forum show, it shows off more of how, in around 4 months, they can update and make their live show a more enjoyable watch and experience.

Photo by: Metal Hammer
Photo by: Metal Hammer

With an extra 2,000 people in this venue compared to The Forum, the experience is heightened a lot more with extra lighting, some fireworks and a lot more advanced camera work, as they have a bigger room to help portray what they want. There are other small changes such as where songs play in the set, the minor changes of guitar/drums solos and the pickup from the crowd during certain songs, but it makes the whole 90 minute video that much more special.

The main thing that should be noted is the extra song that was not played at The Forum. It is a song titled ‘Road To Resistance’ and is a collaboration with the band members Herman Li and Sam Totman of Dragonforce. The more power metal influence shines through massively and their vocals give off some amazing sections through it. It’s definitely a ‘final boss’ kind of song that plays through and ends their set on a very unique note.


The DVD is a great reminder of the sets you may have witnessed or even moshed to in the crowd. This DVD is for the fan of weird, crazy, awesome metal and for the people who want to witness something amazing in both pop aspects and metal aspects. For many people around the world, this is a must have for your collection!

Released: October 30th 2015 (Europe)

Rating: 8.5/10

Review by: Revival Media