Performance through the NEO Cable Vol22 with Kami Band BOH, Mikio Fujioka & Takayoshi Ohmura

BABYMETAL Kami Band members, God Of Bass BOH, God Of Guitars Mikio Fujioka and Takayoshi Ohmura were featured and interviewed by NEO Oyaide to talk about the NEO Cables in their gear to perform live with BABYMETAL at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo on October 16. Read the special post in english below. 

BOH, Mikio and Takayoshi talking about NEO Cables for BABYMETAL live shows

NEO Oyaide report to introduce the activity during a live show of BOH, Mikio Fujioka and Takayoshi Ohmura

Introducing the BABYMETAL Kami Band members, the bassist BOH-San, the guitarists Mikio Fujioka-San and Takayoshi Ohmura-San


The three members were all introduced this summer to the power cable QAC-222G. How the outcome of wiring has been through the national and international festivals and Gigs? The 3 members were interviewed to talk about the wiring and the BABYMETAL stage on October 16. 


BOH's settings of his bass is really simple. QAC-222G using two effector boards from the base, and from the effector board to the Mark Bass amplifier. 



When BOH-San tried to know which cable adapter insert in the track, it was QAC-222G without hesitation. Because of his 6 String Bass choose a wide range FORCE77G, he says that the sense of pitch of the low B was faded using 6 String Bass.  But the cable had to be tried several times in the past, the treble of cable's bass came out well, it wasn't across the bass and treble of the balanced cable. 



"About 10 years ago as a compromise point i was using Bleden, the QAC-222 is OK. And the Low B was having sense of pitch, was impressed by the high-pitched tone that does not retract when you play a solo. Was very well received from the audience and the PA because of the better sound." Put out low equal disturb bulging sound, QAC-222G a problem that can be resolved."

In the other hand Fujioka and Ohmura's guitars, both whom will have laid the Kemper amplifier. The cable of course is QAC-222G. Both of them were once again asked about micellaneous thoughts after the Live: "The resolution went up, was good and was also wasn't difficult the playing direction."

Opinions about the changes due the cable: "To ear the ear monitor, band ensemble sounds are beautiful. My sound is clear, comes out firmly sharp and feels mute when you are playing. Once we heard about Korezo craftsmanship, professional words, we heard impressions of that."

By the way, Fujioka-San has a custom power cable for Kemper and Pedal Power2 (power supply). "The power cable for Kemper it's combined with the aim of a higher sound resolution, but it's not resolution only, the thickness of the mid-bass during the live also feels thick, the sound pressure when you mute the seven-string guitar was preeminent. When you say where to consult about custom, needless to say, is Electrical Oyaide DEATH!!" 

This reflects also the outside sound of the guitar not only based on holding the line , in other words the sound improvement in the ear monitor it's also obtained with the same effect from the outside sound. The fact is that while a mellow density of the live sound of the day, the band's segregation is fully equiped by clear sound output, feeling the sound becoming a mass pretty good pleasant! 






-QAC-222G from the base to the feet we got custom-made the 10m products. It will fit well with the color of Atlier Z.

-The pat on the color ring with Mark Bass favorite! It is amplifier set "BABYMETAL Love" is full.

-The insistence also in a simple pedalboard. Use the DC cable of Oyaide electricity on the right side of the EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive.


-ESP E-II "Horizon" series. Amplifier Kemper!

-The left side of the switch seems "motivated switch".

-High board versatile Kedomo is simple. To correspond to the down-tuning Whammy, it is a modern system, including Kemper.

-Pedal Power2 power cable for the (power supply) custom specifications. It is a combination of beryllium copper-free plating and L / i50 OFC.


-Red QAC-222G shine in pink guitar.

-Speaking of Omura's guru existence of Kemper.

-Pedalboard thoroughly simple.


Translation by; Hitoshi Sugioka.

Report by: NEO Oyaide Cables.