Report: Kami Band Yuya Maeta SONOR drum Seminar

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Drums Yuya Maeta's held a drum seminar on September 13 of 2015 at Ikebe musical instruments shoP of "Drum Station" in Akihabara, read the report, check the photos and the amazing video with a summary of the seminar! 

Kami Band God Of Drums Yuya Maeta SONOR Seminar at Drum Station Ikebe

In 2008 Yuya Maeta approved the audition to perform all over the world with the famous "Blue Man Group". Since then he is the drummer of Marty Friedman's band, BABYMETAL and LIV MOON. He also played with many world famous artists and bands. 

Techinical drummer who attract followers by his emotional drumming and sense of stability. 

His first drum seminar was held on September 13 of 2015, this seminar served to welcome Maeta to the SONOR Family. He performed different tracks and solos with his new SONOR kit, he also did commentaries and answered questions about the equipment he used. In addition he sprayed knowledge to those who attended to the seminar about Pro-Tools. 

One of the conents of the seminar was: "Description of the sound layers by the waveform".  

Following the greetings to everyone and the meeting with managers to commemorate the welcome to SONOR Family he mentioned how he planed to held the drum clinic. Also wanted participants to feel the drum closer, Ribore Akihabara stuff prepared the set with people closer to the drums, distance of about 50cm! 

Everybody was anxious to know the drum set introduction... 

Drum set: SONOR Ascent Series "Stage 3"

Bass Drum 22 "× 18", Floor Tom 16 "× 16", configuration of Tom Tom 12 "× 9" & 10 "× 8".

Cymbas SABIAN. 

Because he cracked a cymbal just before the clinic, hurriedly, it has been set up an A-Zildjian Rock Ride 20. 

・HiHat:HHX Groove HiHat 14” pr

・Crash:HHX X-treme Crash 16” & 18”

・Chainese:HHX Evolution China 14”

・Splash:HHX Evolution Splash 10”

・Ride:HHX Evolution Ride 20” (Changed for:、A.Zildjian Rock Ride 20”)

Snare drum, Kitano 13-inch, titanium snare. 

Sticks, to feel balance and also an excellent elasticity and durability, used the Pro-Mark TXR747W.

Pedal used: DW-5002AD4. TAMA Iron Cobra Beater CB90F. 


After all, the seminar started. 

His brother Shuki joined to analyze together the "waveforms" in the display. 

Performed certain music to hear the rhythm and different constants while they play they did descriptions to let everything clearly explained. 

In fact, he also played Jazz music to approach insteresting drumming rhythm, the venue seemed to understood the feeling. 

Then a break, started the metal sound. "The moment you step on the hi-hat among to the odd siganture groove on point!"

After that, the Question and Answers was held. He answered many questions about pedals, beats, ways to practice and more. 

After the completion of the Q&A session, they have been involved in Blue Man Group music to show special arrangements versions for this event. Great music with introduction, development, turns, conclusions and drumming. 

After the clinic ended, held a meeting and signings of equipment and a commemorative photo of the clinic with all participants. 



Report taken from Rakuten

Report by: Maik Gianino