The tendancy of people who sing BABYMETAL at Karaoke

BABYMETAL was featured on Joysound with a review of the BABYMETAL songs popularity at Karaoke, which gender has the bigger ratio, and which age category sing BABYMETAL the most. You will find interesting information and surprising facts about BABYMETAL at Karaoke. Check our report below. 


Find which are the most popular BABYMETAL songs at Karaoke

Joysound deliver information about Karaoke songs, lyrics, and analysis of people who sing certain songs by ages and genders. In the following information you will find the tendancies of people who sing BABYMETAL songs at Karaoke, and which songs are the most popular songs sang by people and which gender has the bigger ratio.  

Description by Joysound

BABYMETAL is a Japanese female metal dance unit trio. In 2010 has been formed as a "fusion of Idol and Metal". The members are all Sakura Gakuin graduates, Su-Metal born on December 20 of 1997 (Vocals and Dance), Yuimetal born on June 20 of 1999 (Screams and Dance) and Moametal born on July 4 of 1999 (Screams and Dance). 

BABYMETAL most popular songs rating

1-Ijime, Dame, Zettai

2-Gimme Chocolate!!


4-Head Bangya!!



Tendancy of people who sing BABYMETAL:

Joysound states that are 43% Men and 57% Women, see the details in the picture below.  


Report by: Hitoshi Sugioka