Summary of Ayami Muto "Questions & Answers" on Twitter

Saura Gakuin Graduate and first Students Council President Ayami Muto answered questions from her fans on Twitter on September 28. She talked about her personal life, Sakura Gakuin, BABYMETAL, Perfume, and many more other and interesting topics. Read more about this activity in the following summary below. 

Sakura Gakuin Graduation Ayami Muto "Q&A" on Twitter 

-She still remembers the Over the Future choreo fondly because she couldn't do it at first and cried while practicing

-To a question asking about what Suzuka means to her: "Please listen to FRIENDS by Sakura Gakuin"

-The person she wants to meet the most is Seiko Matsuda.

-If she was on a deserted island and could only bring one person she'd bring Yuika because she's really reliable and strong

-She wants to "self-cover" Tenshi to Akuma with baton-choreo.

-Her bike got stolen

-Question: nyaaa, nyanyanya? - Answer: nya??? 

-She wants to be in a musical

-She grew 0.1 cm

-When she was younger she liked Minimoni from Hello!Project/Morning Musume

-She definitely wants a Karen Girl's reunion to happen at one point

-Really REALLY wants a Karen Girl's reunion to happen at one point

-Hasn't hung out with Suzuka for a long time but she's planning to meet her and Himetan. She sees Yuika so frequently it's almost like they're family

-She likes Dragon Ball and one of its OPs "Makafushigi Adventure" a lot.

-Question: If you had a catchphrase what would it be? - Answer: Like a horse, I run swiftly! Ayami-chan!!

-She wants to go to England and to the Abbey road crossing

-Didn't see the "MiyoMatsu" Stolabo Tokyo Special

-Likes soccer and the Kashima Antlers (Ibaraki team). Is a fan of Mitsuo Ogasawara

-If she was a teacher for a Sakura Gakuin open class event she'd teach about Hyakuninisshu (as she puts it, it would be the "study of onkochishin/learning from the past")

-She respects Mori-Sensei very much

-Q:"What is your impression of this nendo of SG? Did any current member catch your eye?" - A:"CUTE. <3 I'm becoming a doting parent, lol. When I met Hidaka Marin-chan she said to me 'I want to be like Ayami-chan' so now have great expectations from her!!"

-She can hardly decide, but likes the lyrics of 'See you' the most

-She likes Michael Jackson songs (favorite is Beat It!) and Bad Day by Daniel Powter

-If she had to trade places with someone for a limited time it would be Ayaka or Airi.

-She wants to sing We Are The World with Michael Jackson.

-She was recruited by Amuse after modeling for Kids Style

-Says they're an equal match with Hinata in Hengao

Question: "What does Karen Girl's mean to you?" - Answer: "The origin of Ayami's music"

-They had to return the old uniforms

-Wants to perform together with Maboroshi Love, especially with Miki.

-Her favourite Sakura Gakuin song after her Graduation is "Marshmallow Iro No Kimi To"

-Question: Is there a male singer you like from the 80s or 90s? -Answer: "Matchy! It's my mom's influence (Laughs)"

-Question: Who do you think of as a rival? - Answer: "My little brother!"

-Favorite Sakura Gakuin song is "Yume Ni Mukatte"

Question: What does Marina call you? - Answer: "Ayami-chan" 

-Been listening to wacci lately

-Non-bob style hair she wants to have is the same straight long style Kashiyuka from Perfume has

-Wants to visit Sakura Gakuin LoGiRL and have a lesson together with the Sakura Gakuin girls

-Draws a lot of inspiration from BABYMETAL

-Also likes Keith Urban

-Question: What meal are you most confident in cooking/making? - Answer: "Natto, Tamago kake gohan (Laughs)"

-She'd want to go to Hawaii for vacation

-Has 2845 songs on her iPod

-Favorite manga is Chihayafuru

-Question: If you had a sudden 1 week vacation what would you do? - Answer: "Visit famous places connected to the Shinsengumi all over Japan."

-Favorite Lyrical School song is "Brand New Day"

-Wants to hold a concert in Budokan by the time she's 21

-Likes sporty guys

-Question: If you were invisible for a day what would you want to do most? - Answer: "Peek into a day of Matsuda Seiko's."

-Question: What do you listen to when you want to get hyped? - Answer: "ONE OK ROCK"

-Question: What is a Sakura Gakuin song that you want to perform with only graduates? - Answer: "Mikansei Silhouette among others... There are too many great Sakura Gakuin songs!"

-Question: What are your most listened-to contemporary idol songs? - Answer: "Speed up/GEM SHINING☆STAR/9nineA・B・C Ja Guttokonai!!/Kiyoshi Ryujin 25"

-Question: What song do you want to cover that you haven't before. - Answer: "I want to try covering a male singer's song. For example I really like Hamada Shougo's Midnight Blue Train."

-Favorite Fall song by Seiko Matsuda is "Ryuusei Night"

Lastly about Karen Girl's reunion: "I'm looking forward to that day. The 3 of us are doing our best on our own paths"

Summary by: Iwashi94