2015.09.29 - Sakura Gakuin students diary "Thank you for supporting our concert at O-EAST"

Sakura Gakuin members wrote together a new diary to talk about the impressions of the second solo show of Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2015, read the thoughts of the girls about the event produced by Shirai Saki! Diary translate below. 

Sakura Gakuin members about their solo show at Tsutaya O-East 

Thank you very much for coming to, and for supporting the concerts held at Tsutaya O-EAST on September 27!!

How was the concert produced by Shirai Saki!?


Kano Fujihira

I'm super pleased to be able to show you the costume of Mathematica!


Marin Hidaka

It was very fun to have our 2nd solo-concert in this year!!


Sara Kurashima

At the night show, we managed to surprise C-chan and it was fun! Thank you for your continued support!


Megumi Okada

In the concerts, we could try several things and they were very fun!! I'll smile my best for the future concerts!!


Aiko Yamaide

It's been the first solo-concert since the tranfer-in ceremony!! We could have a blast together with all the audience and it was so fun!!


Soyoka Yoshida

We could have a blast with Fukei-sans and it was very verrry fun.


Maaya Asou

On the matinee, at the part from 'Heart no Hoshi' to 'Marshmallow' was so romantic.


Momoko Okazaki

It was our second solo-concert. I'm pleased to make C-chan surprised and to have a blast together with Fukei-sans.


Ooga Saki

I could feel the unity with Fukei-sans that is created only in a all-standing concert in a club. It was fun.


Mirena Kurosawa

The 2nd solo-concert. My all-time highest happy moment!

Rinon Isono

Congratulation, C-chan! And thank you Fukei-sans for coming to see us.


Shirai Saki

Today, I planned and produced 2 concerts, and got a surprise-event. I'm so happy. Thank you Fukei-sans! Thank you all!!

Well, We are now heading to the Festival and trying our best.

Thank you for your continued support.



Translation by: Onji Kobe

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